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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Astoria Column

If you are on a road trip to Oregon Coast, don't forget to visit the Astoria Column in Astoria, Oregon. It is located at Coxcomb Hill off 16th St.

The Column towers all above Astoria and is the most ideal spot to get a panoramic view of the ocean, rivers and mountains.
As part of our road trip, we dropped by there as our first stop during our Oregon Coast road trip going to our final destination; - SFO! 😊
An important note though, - don't dare going there on a foggy day (as we did, - actually we didn't know it was foggy on the area). We were not so fortunate enough to see the views, and the column was not even open for going up to the observation deck.

If the column is open to the public, visitors can go inside through a spiral staircase of 164 steps going up the observation deck. It has an elevation of 600 ft. with a depth foundation of 12 feet. It was dedicated on July 22, 1926, and further had undergone repairs, restorations and upgrades from 1936-2016 including its plaza.
The murals on the column are images of events between 1792-1818 reflecting historical milestones during the pivotal years in Astoria's history.

Astoria Column is rich in history you wouldn't want to miss! Discover more of it as you visit! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

"Summer of Spectacle" at Longwood Gardens

The late spring of 2017 was a great time for Longwood Gardens, the fact that the Main Fountain Garden has made its grand return to the public for a more and better spectacular presentations and performances when it comes to colorful fountains and fireworks that light up the sky up to the summer months!

It now has a revitalized garden, including the Grotto which features a cascading water, surrounded by natural stones and plants, - making it a cool, quiet place to relax for guests who enjoy tranquil environment in the garden.

Behind the Scenes Tour schedules are posted on their website 4 days a week. It's interesting knowing all about the fountain garden above ground to the huge tunnel system underneath. (i haven't done this yet as of this writing)....a good reason to always go back! 😉👌