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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Tarsier Conservation Area

When in Bohol, tarsiers are commonly popular to see at the tarsier sanctuary as well as at the conservation area. They are mostly part of tour packages for tourists visiting Bohol.

There are two areas as to where to see the tarsiers. The Tarsier Sanctuary in Corella, Bohol and the Tarsier Conservation area in Loboc, Bohol.

We visited the one in Loboc.

I have learned that the tarsier sanctuary in Corella is much better than the one in Loboc, due to the fact that it has a bigger space area for them to roam around. I couldn't speak for myself though about the differences between the two since I only went to the one in Loboc.

For those who are not familiar with the tarsiers, I will enumerate some few facts about them. Hope they help! ;)

Tarsiers are tiny primates that belong to Tarsiidae family. They can only be found in Southeast Asia including Philippines, specifically in Bohol and some parts of Mindanao. They are nocturnal species, and very sensitive to noise that can easily stress them.
They are lemur-like leaping primates with big eyes as the most striking feature, which are considered to be heavier than their brain.
They look cute, right? But take note, that touching or handling them are strictly prohibited because of their sensitivity.
Too much sensitivity can stress them and can die easily as a result, the reason why they are considered endangered species, although other factors are also included why their species are drastically declining.