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Sunday, January 6, 2019

The (Nova) Shell Museum

Are you fond of shells? If you're a collector, or just simply love shells and fascinated by them, the Nova Shell Museum in Pangalo Island, Bohol, Philippines is a one-stop tourist attraction and gift shop displaying and selling wide variety of shell collections.
It houses thousand of shells and other marine life specimens. The museum is owned by Mr. Quirino Hora, a passionate shell collector who devoted half of his life collecting them.

One interesting among his collections is the rarest and the smallest shell found down the waters of Balicasag Island which was named after Emperor Hirohito of Japan. It's so minute, that you have to use a microscope to clearly see it!

Can you see it well?
The museum's gift shop offers souvenir items aside from shell products such as necklaces, handicrafts, wind chimes and other gift items.