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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Bohol Bee Farm is Bee-autiful!

One of the most commonly visited place when in Panglao Island, Bohol is the Bohol Bee Farm. I can say it is an environment-friendly farm-resort because food come from organically-grown veggies, plus, of course, they have bees!...(they offer bee tours ;)) that produce honey and sell them to the public.

They also promote organic farming and healthy food. (I agree with that!) The food was great when we had a sumptuous lunch there!

Bohol Bee farm is both a resort and a restaurant where you can relax with a homey experience. If you love the beach, it is also one of the place to stay for sun bathing, snorkeling or go swimming at the indoor pool.

Tour can be arranged if you are interested about the livelihood programs they do and getting up close with the bees! (this is a fun tour)!

By the way, they have the best-yummiest ice cream so far, while I was in Panglao Island!  ;) - this is not a paid promotion, just sharing my experience. :))