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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Cebu Heritage Monument/Park

The Cebu Heritage Park/Monument is easy to locate when you're in Cebu and is a very close distance to the Yap-San Diego ancestral house which is also a historical attraction.
It depicts series of historical events during the Spanish era until the most recent beatification of a Cebuano martyr, Pedro Calungsod who is also included among the sculptures in the monument. You will be able to pick up what the monument is all about as you will find a mounted plaque on the area explaining about what the monument represents.

The monument was built by Eduardo Castrillo beginning in 1997 with the help of former senator Marcelo Fernan who funded the construction with Castrillo which includes private donations by some organizations and some individuals. It was done in 2000.

The sculptures were built with concrete, brass, steel and bronze. The monument also includes churches which had an important role during Raha Humabon's leadership, when he was converted to Christianity during the Spanish regime in the 15th century, and the statue of the late Philippine president Sergio Osmeña, Sr.