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Friday, July 27, 2018

The Tacky Lights Tour - An Experience

When it comes to the best tacky Christmas light displays that can be seen in homes and some business areas, try signing up for a Tacky Lights Tour located in Richmond, Virginia.
There are no specific routes to go to, as they are located in different locations in various neighborhoods.

So, if you are visiting, it is recommended to sign up for one online, or you can perhaps find a visitor center in the area for any info.

Experience wise, we did a bus tour, so there was no hassle when it comes to the places or homes we should go.

The tacky lights tradition in Richmond has been around for 30 years! There should be at least 40,000 lights minimum requirement in order to be nominated and included on the list of approved houses to join the tacky lights contest.

The year 2016's grand price was $50,000.

Take note: - it's more convenient to take the tour aboard a tour bus, or trolley (depending on the weather), limos or vans.
There are professional tour companies that offer services to do it for you, so you don't need to risk driving on your own, and get! You'll enjoy it better!

backyard lights at 9215 Venetian Way
The Christmas house by "Mr. Christmas" Frank Hudak.

Some homes we visited were located at Marbury Terrace, Glen Allen, Virginia and some at Henrico, VA.