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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Agecroft Hall Visit - A Guided Tour

Age Croft Hall is a Tudor home built in Lancashire, England during the late 15th century. It was considered to be a distinguished home of the Langley & Dauntesey families in England for hundreds of years. 
By the end of 19th century, it fell into disrepair and eventually sold in auction in 1925.

Thomas Williams, a resident from Richmond, Virginia bought the structure, then dismantled the home estate, shipped it to Richmond, Virginia and then re-assembled it in the neighborhood of Richmond in Windsor Farms.
Today, it still stands on the rolling banks of the James River beautifully recreated, just like in its original site in Lancashire, England along Irwell River.

Take note: photos are not allowed inside the estate during the tour, but are allowed outside the home and in the gardens.

During our tour, a visit to the gardens was allowed, but bothing can be seen due to the season. (Winter) Ideal times to visit this estate would be late spring to early fall if you want to visit the gardens too!

Taking the tour inside (even if photos are not allowed) will be all worth it. The tour guide will bring you back to the lifestyle of the Langleys & Daunteseys during their period, as explained from room to room.

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