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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Visit to Charles Dickens Christmas Towne

Charles Dickens Christmas Towne is a magical, recreated village where you 'll get the experience of stepping back into a 19th century Victorian England. This is one place worth visiting during Christmas time, located at Waterside Drive in Norfolk, Virginia. Children will surely enjoy it.

Inside the village, you get to experience walking on cobblestone path past candlelit windows, or enjoy delicious, seasonal baked goods, or sip hot teas and chocos at cozy places. You can as well shop pretty ornaments from many local merchants, or just watch strolling costumed actors and carolers greeting everyone with "Happy Christmas", and singing seasonal songs.

You'll also enjoy taking your photos from ideal holiday backdrops such as London vignettes or mesmerizing model train displays that are catchy for the children. 

There are lots of activities that the whole family can enjoy including the experience of seeing snow in the town square everyday of your visit!

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