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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Tribute Holiday Show For the USO

It was a patriotic night experience with a comedy in between watching the "USO Holiday Tribute Show" at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

The show features songs and music during the WW II, Korea and Vietnam. The performance called "Thanks for the Memories" was nostalgic for those who experienced hearing entertainment during the World War II, which included comedy and music that starred Bill Johnson as Bob Hope and the Victory Belles from WW II Museum in New Orleans along with seasonal music and historical repertoires.

This tribute show is dedicated to all American veterans with holiday songs which were performed by Hollywood celebrities in the jungles, battlefields and even aboard aircraft carriers...those days when soldiers got their entertainment while on the battlefield!

This show brings you back into yesteryear!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Guided Tour of the Hunter House Victorian Museum

Before you take this tour, take note that photos are not allowed inside! So, reserve your cameras for photos outside only! :(

This house museum is located in the Freemason district of downtown Norfolk, Virginia that is rich in both local and Victorian history, built in 1894.
As you walk towards the house museum, you can easily see the sign along with beautiful two-story eclectic 19th century homes lining the street as its neighborhood! 

The only photo I secretly took inside which they said this was a medical machine used to diagnose heart failures!

This gorgeous Victorian house museum was owned by Mr. James & Lizzie Hunter and their 3 children. The family was prominent since Mr. Hunter was a famous civic leader and merchant and a successful banker.
Most of its furnishings are original including the Victorian furnishings and decorative arts which also belonged to the hunter family.

Tours are offered if you want to know more about its history and the artistic style furnishings inside the home, or if you are just one person who loves art and history.