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Monday, February 12, 2018

The Gardens at Yaddo - A Visiting Tour!

I had a quick visit at the Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga Springs, NY in early fall of 2016, and unfortunately, not much was to be seen. There were few roses at the rock garden, but other than that, there was nothing more interesting to see except for the pergola where I found it unique for a photo opp! :).

The pool and fountain are the areas that are "catchy" and attractive. I noticed many who come here usually do their photo shoots!

The pool is designed with upper and lower parts with fountains and with a long connecting rill of flowing water bordered by dolomite rocks with a separating rocky incline.

The present location of Yaddo Gardens used to house a farm, a gristmill and the Barhyte tavern. During the years between 1830-1840, many famous writers dined at the tavern, among them Edgar Allan Poe.
In 1881, Spencer Trask, a famous financier in New York city and his poet wife Katrina Trask bought the property and named it "Yaddo" as suggested by their daughter. The Trasks built the present mansion which was completed in 1893, where scenes of famous house parties were held attended by prominent statesmen, artists and even industrialists.

The Trasks has 4 children and all died leaving them without heirs, so that in 1900, they established the Corporation of Yaddo endowing it in perpetuity to administer a working community of artists.
Today, Yaddo's mission is to provide artist uninterrupted time to work, good working conditions and a supportive community which has remained central in its operation throughout the years.