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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Facts To Know About Bermuda

  1. Bermuda is known to be 21 miles in length and 3 miles wide.
  2. It lies east of North Carolina about 650 miles. Bermuda is an archipelago with 7 main islands and with more than 180 islands and islets.
  3. You can have any kind of paint color for your Bermuda house, but all rooftops are painted white and are all made of limestones.
  4. No tax for everything, except property/real estate tax.
  5. Bermuda was discovered by Juan de Bermudez, a Spanish explorer in 1503 but didn't attempt to land due to treacherous reefs surrounding the uninhabited islands. Admiral Sir George Somers, established an English claim of the islands later in 1609 after his ship "Sea Venture" was wrecked on reefs off the shores of Bermuda.
  6. Almost everything is expensive!
  7. You can't own a house/property in Bermuda unless you are a Bermudian, your parents/family are Bermudian, or you are a millionaire!
  8. Bermuda is part of the British colony but they have their own government, and they don't get the same benefits like the British have.
  9. The Bermuda currency is Bermuda dollar (BMD) which is on par with US dollar.
  10. Bermuda became an English colony in 1684, and is the oldest British colony and has the 2nd oldest parliamentary democracy in the world.
  11. Head of the State is Queen Elizabeth II and is represented in Bermuda by a governor whom she appoints internally. It has a parliamentary system of government.
  12. Water in Bermuda is rain-dependent. If there is no rain in longer months, they have system to convert sea rain into household water. These tanks are stored underground for each home or property.
  13. No snakes, no sharks in Bermuda, but beware of jellyfish in beaches. They sting real bad!
  14. Bermuda is well known for pink sand beaches.
  15. They drive on the left side of the road.
  16. No McDonald's, Burger King, Starbucks or American franchises because local businesses would die. Only KFC is present and is expensive with a bucket of chicken costing to $39.00!
  17. A triangular area in the Atlantic called "Bermuda Triangle" is believed to be known for mysterious shipwrecks, disappearances and plane crashes. The apexes of these traiangles are Bermuda, Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  18. Bermuda's head of the government is the premier, who is also the leader of the majority party in the House of Assembly. The cabinet has ministers chosen by the premier from among the members of the House of Assembly and the Senate.