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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Campuestohan Highland Resort - Overnight Experience

Campuestohan Highland Resort is situated between the boundaries of two cities; -Bacolod and Talisay, consisting of a 5-hectar property that is surrounded by the lush green mountains of Mt. Makawili, making the place cool most of the time and misty in the late afternoons.
From the mountain is a vintage view of mostly the entire part of Negros Occidental, including the Panay Island.

The resort is located about 800-meters above sea-level making it a great place to commune with nature that also offers a majestic panorama and breathtaking views!
The resort is owned by a couple - Mr. Ricardo Tan and Nita Tan.

Today, this place, which used to be a wide grassy land is now transformed as a wonderland for many children and adult alike which is now considered as one of the most famous tourist destinations in Negros Occidental.

The resort has amenities ideal for vacationing families with smaller kids and adults as well; - children's park and rides, several swimming pools that includes the wave pool (call the resort for wave pool's open hours), big statues and the heroes' hall consisting of marvel characters' statues. The heroes' hall is more than enough to capture a kid's heart (and when you couldn't afford to bring them to Disneyland!)

Someone dared a kiss to spidey! :)
Several outdoor rides and activities for adults are also available such as the famous hamster wheel, bicycle ride, a zip line, rope course, horse back riding and bungee trampoline. All rates can be accessed through their website or better yet call them and verify the prices for all outdoor adventure rides.

I and my family went for an overnight visit so we were given a complimentary breakfast which is applicable for a group of 3 or more, and a free entrance for each. Daytime visitors are charged with a Php 150/person entrance fee. (as of this writing).

A private transportation can also be arranged to pick up and drop off customers if  you have big groups with certain fees. In our case, we chose to get a private group charter, (a private van, good for 15 persons), although we were only 7 in a group. Regardless, we still paid Php 2,500 for the van. No complain about our transportation as it was much more convenient for us not to worry about catching our ferry trip back home, knowing a transportation is readily available upon checking out. The 2,500 pesos - transportation fee was for picking up and dropping us off from and to our destination.

All information including room accommodations and prices can be accessed through their website at but reservations have to be done by phone. Take note that upon reservation, you will be required to pay 50% of your downpayment basing on your room rates, and you have to pay it through their bank account. How I wish bookings and payments can just be done online for convenience. The "paying" part is a bit of a hassle as you have to actually go to the bank to pay it, to get the actual bank receipt to present it upon checking in the resort.

For those who are planning to visit for an overnight trip, I have to be honest regarding their rooms. I find it too expensive for a Php 5,000 room that really needs maintenance! How would you like to pay 5,000 pesos for a room that has moldy ceilings, chipping paints and cracked walls??? I felt I was caught off guard because I know myself I couldn't complain in the middle of the night, and that if I will start complaining at check out, I know it will take time forever, and I didn't want our ferry trip to be compromised!...I wished I had more than enough time to do it.

Some amenities in the room is also lacking like hot water for coffee or tea! There was a thermos but no hot water!

No complaints about the rides!...I would surely prefer to visit it in the daytime, only if perhaps I'm a local and just live around the neighborhood.
It would be a sad experience for others who are quite far from the resort who need to stay for the night. By the way, I reserved 2 Tepee Hut Rooms...they have molds that need to be removed and walls that need to be repainted and fixed.

As I've said, I was caught off guard, but didn't have much time to complain. :(. Maybe, they can read this as a feedback.
We were there November 2016.

Anyway, experience wise about the rides, food and the cool breeze at night were amazing! I love the nature that surrounds the resort!