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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Visit To Prospect Mountain

This beautiful iconic landmark nestles at the foothills of Adirondacks in Lake George, New York. It offers a magnificent panoramic views with a foot summit of 2,030 feet. At the peak, you can see a 100-mile view of Lake George and Adirondacks region.

There is a 5.5 mile drive up to the summit on Veteran's Memorial Highway and has 3 stunning scenic overlooks; - The Narrow, the Lake George Panorama and the Eagle's Eye. The summit was built and dedicated in 1969 in honor of America's War Veterans.

At the summit, you can conveniently use restrooms and enjoy using their picnic facilities such as picnic wooden tables and chairs provided in the area. There are also self-guided hiking and nature trails.
Don't miss the historical ruins such as the Old Cable Railway and the Bullwheel. The Old Cable Railway was once the world's largest cable railroad from 1895-1903 which was used to be a transportation that brought passengers who wanted to do an overnight stay at the Prospect Mountain House; - a hotel on the summit that was burned down twice later.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dining at Generations Restaurant (Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort)

This restaurant is owned by Golden Arrow Lakeside resort; - a lodge-style restaurant that also offers a view of the lake when dining located in Lake Placid, New York.

We had the experience of having a lunch here and the food was superb! There is a part where the view of the lake can be seen, but since we were a part of a big tour group, we only had a choice to sit at the middle which is quite hidden from the view. :( We had a quick peek for the view but it wasn't a good angle to take photos!
The restaurant is mainly located on Main St., and has quaint boutiques, shops and stores close by.

The Alpine Village Shoppes are series of shops that directly connects to the hotel (Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort). This is a good area for shopping for clothings, they have specialty shops, snacks, etc... you'll never get bored! :).

The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. We saw a beautiful church close by and the colorful trees in the fall are stunning!