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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Experiencing Lantern Asia at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Since Lantern Asia has been sponsored by Norfolk Botanical Gardens for the year 2016 (spring), this was a great chance to visit as it was the first ever Chinese Lantern Exhibition in Virginia. The art exhibits become spectacular better at night, but it is still good to see the arts during the day.

Both walking and tram tours were available, and since it was raining when we visited, we opted to do the tram tour. It was true!; - "an art by day, magic by night."
There were 36 enormous, magical illuminating works of art, crafted with eco-friendly materials, silk and steel making the garden's landscape transforms into a colorful, magical work of art ;).

These works of art (lantern festivals) also highlight traditional Asian themes, which are rich in history dating back to the Han Dynasty considered to be the largest of its kind in the US. Judging by the photos I took, I must admit it's truly a magnificent lantern exhibition!