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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Drum Workshops For You!

Do you want to be a great drum player? Here is a drum workshop at by DW. You can check a video clip by clicking the link given on this post.

Drum Workshop, popularly known as DW started its roots as early as 1972 as a small drumming studio with a goal of further improving the performance of enthusiastic drummers through teaching and training.
Nowadays, it is already highly recognized worldwide in terms of an industry leader in drums and drum hardware.

Check it out!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Grand Architecture & High Tea at the National Cathedral & Basilica-Washington DC Tour


A few years back, I remembered myself walking inside the Washington National Cathedral for a self-guided tour. It still continues to amaze me when I came back for the second time with a group tour. No major changes, except that part of the cathedral's architectural designs were destroyed by an earthquake that occurred in August 2011.

The National Cathedral is more than just a church. It always opens its doors to the public regardless of your religious background and faith.
Every year, thousands of visitors and worshippers come here to experience not only to find inspiration and peace and strengthening their faith but to witness and experience witnessing the cathedral's extraordinary art and architectural designs.
Washington National Cathedral is considered to be the 6th largest cathedral in the world uniquely designed and built with Inidiana limestone. The building has a cross-shape design with a long nave - a 10th of a mile, and characterized with 2 shorter transepts.
The architectural style is considered to be Gothic due to its pointed arches, boss stones, large windows, ribbed vaulting and flying buttresses.

Its decors such as stained glass large windows, wood and fabric art are captivating and considered to be more than just beautiful decorations. Behind them are symbols and images purposely designed to teach Christian beliefs as well as they pay tribute to the country's values and history.
There are two levels that are worth visiting inside the cathedral; - the Main level (the Nave) where you can see the "must-see" highlights of your tour and the Lower level (the Crypt).
Other areas are outdoors such as the Cathedral Close, the Bishop Garden and Olmsted Woods.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Philadelphia Flower Show - 2016

The Philadelphia Flower Show is one grand event which is being held once a year. This year's theme is "Explore America: 100 Years of the National Park Service" - in connection to celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the National Park Service.

The main features of its floral and garden displays are centered on America's natural landscapes of waterfalls, wildflowers and woodlands from Redwood to Yellowstone parks. Visitors are to witness the witty and creative designs of the world's leading floral and landscape designers which include exhibitions by at least 408 national parks and historic sites as the show has partnered with the Park Service.

The show is run by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) and gets revenues which supports various charities of PHS.
The Philly Flower Show offers more than just floral and landscape exhibits as well. Visitors can shop to at least more than 100 vendors, and can sample wine and spirits from products coming from around the world. Visitors can also enjoy culinary and horticultural demonstartions, and the "Butterfly Experience", - a miniature train garden is another one additional feature added this year.

There is always more to look forward to every year for this type of flower show, as they have different themes yearly!