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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Baguio City's Wright Park

Wright Park is just one of the most scenic parks you will witness while in Baguio City, - the city of Pines! The park is just next to the main gate of The Mansion fronting it straight through a long reflecting pool, with a shallow elongated body of water commonly known as the "Pool of Pines".
This area is considered to be the most photographed (post-card type) scene usually taken at the end of the reflecting pool, fronting the main gate of The Mansion.

The reflecting pool - "Pool of Pines"
Both sides of the pool are pathwalks lined with pine trees on the sides and some  street lights are also installed along the paths. Colorful lowering shrubs are also lined on both sides surrounding the pool, making it one reason why Wright Park is famous for perfect picture taking.
Further down from the reflecting pool is a wide stone-made stairway leading down to the park circle where there are stables for horses, and where horseback riding can be done for hourly rates.

The park is obviously mostly enjoyed by kids for pony-riding and horseback riding for adults as well. Take note that the area gets too crowded mostly during weekends and long holidays.
And expect a strong distinctive smell when you are in the area for horses' pees and poops! So, if you want to avoid sniffing the smell particularly for a longer period of time, you might as well skip getting in the park.

Wright Park got its name from Gov. Luke E. Wright who was the architect of the long reflecting pool and who served as Governor-General of the Philippines from 1904-1906 and also served as a Secretary of War from 1908-1909.