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Monday, February 20, 2017

Burnham Park - "The Mother of All Parks"

When you're in Baguio, Burnham Park is not difficult to find, and in fact the most popular park in the area. The fact that the park is located at the center of the city of Baguio, the accessibility is fast and easy, making it known to be "the mother of all parks" in Baguio City.

The park stretching more than 32 hectares was named after Daniel Hudson Burnham, an architect and urban planner from New York, USA and also helped laid the plans for Baguio City.

Burnham Park is also popular because of its man-made lake located at the center of the park with rowboats for hire which many call up to this day Burnham Lagoon.

In the past years, the park was originally created as a greenery park with clusters of different botanical gardens with colorful floral blooms. Nowadays, Burnham Park expanded its clusters to additional spaces for amusement parks such as bicycle and skating areas and other sports activity areas, plus some food/restaurants shops around.

Inspite of the additional commercial establishments growing in the park, it is still an ideal place for taking good photos, as well as relaxation area for families during weekends and holidays.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Baguio City's Wright Park

Wright Park is just one of the most scenic parks you will witness while in Baguio City, - the city of Pines! The park is just next to the main gate of The Mansion fronting it straight through a long reflecting pool, with a shallow elongated body of water commonly known as the "Pool of Pines".
This area is considered to be the most photographed (post-card type) scene usually taken at the end of the reflecting pool, fronting the main gate of The Mansion.

The reflecting pool - "Pool of Pines"
Both sides of the pool are pathwalks lined with pine trees on the sides and some  street lights are also installed along the paths. Colorful lowering shrubs are also lined on both sides surrounding the pool, making it one reason why Wright Park is famous for perfect picture taking.
Further down from the reflecting pool is a wide stone-made stairway leading down to the park circle where there are stables for horses, and where horseback riding can be done for hourly rates.

The park is obviously mostly enjoyed by kids for pony-riding and horseback riding for adults as well. Take note that the area gets too crowded mostly during weekends and long holidays.
And expect a strong distinctive smell when you are in the area for horses' pees and poops! So, if you want to avoid sniffing the smell particularly for a longer period of time, you might as well skip getting in the park.

Wright Park got its name from Gov. Luke E. Wright who was the architect of the long reflecting pool and who served as Governor-General of the Philippines from 1904-1906 and also served as a Secretary of War from 1908-1909.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Roc-N-Soc Drum Thrones

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Mansion House (Baguio)

The Mansion is one of the most popularly visited and photographed tourist attraction in Baguio. It is located right across from Wright Park, with a main gate that can be prominently seen which is made of ornate iron works. It is at the front of this gate that is still considered to be one of the most photographed place of the property.

Getting inside the gate is allowed for visitors and can take photos infront, but visiting inside the building is not allowed. I don't have any idea why, but perhaps due to security reasons.

The Mansion is the official summer residence of the current Philippine president and used whenever they visit Baguio city for engagements and/or official visits.
This building was built as early as 1908, being used as summer residences for U.S. Governor-generals who were the American administrators for the Philippines and was formerly called "The Mansion House".
But during WWII, the house was badly damaged, and rebuilt in 1947. It was also used for several essential events like the ECAFE in 1947, the session of Food & Agriculture in 1948 and the Baguio Conference of 1950.
Recently, it has been used as a place of some international conferences as well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

15cm Cordoba For Guitar Enthusiasts!

Hey guys, may you have all a great new year ahead! Let's celebrate it with a good ole' music. I love this kind of 15 cm at Guitar Center by Cordoba. It's kinda petite but still a powerful performer in concerts...beat that! ;) It's entirely made of mahogany and yet maintains its usual elegant appearance. By the way, this is more on a ukulele and is hand made too.

I still remember when I was a child, my dad would always play some classical songs and would always let me swing and!
You might want to watch this instrument for a sample down below: