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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Good Shepherd Convent Visit - Baguio, Philippines

Preserved purple yams (ube), strawberry jams, peanut brittles, and more are just one of those that are considered popular food preserves you can buy when in Baguio. They can be seen mostly all around shopping stalls in Baguio, but the locals would always highly recommend to buy them at Good Shepherd Convent, to ensure freshness quality of the products.

At the center of the compound is a building called "The Mountain Maid Training Center" (MMTC), - a store which is considered to be the only authorized distributor of Good Shepherd products in Baguio City.
The place is just a walking distance from the stall shops of Mines View Park, so mostly, the visitors coming from Mines View Park would always flock here as their next stop to buy food gift items.

Those who have vehicles pass into the driveway to enter the gate that leads to the parking lot into the compound which is very close to the store.
On one end of the parking lot is also an observation deck where you can see the spectacular view of the distant Cordillera mountains and valleys.

There are some plants and garden areas visible within the compound with colorful flowering plants as well.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Mines View Park - Baguio, Philippines

Courtesy photo of
Being one of the featured and famous tourist attraction in Baguio, Mines View Park is situated 4 kilometers from the city of Baguio.
Its observation deck stands below a winding stone-covered stairway which overlooks the place of Itogon, Benguet, used to be a mining town in the early 20th century started by the Americans. The town was widely known as a mining spot for gold and copper mines.
It also gives you a spectacular view of the Amburayan Valley of the Cordillera mountains.

Crowded observation deck area! ;(
Because this park always gets crowded during the day and peak visiting seasons, many would highly recommend visiting the park very early in the morning if you want to take excellent photos without anyone blocking the view.

Prior to going down the observation deck, you will surely meet a St. Bernard dog (sometimes there are two of them), and can take a photo of them with you for a fee, as well as you can sit on a pink  hair-colored (real horse) for a photo with a fee as well!

Today, there are lots of stalls and mini stores around the park selling various gift items and more...clothings, native bags and delicacies, native accessories and other souvenirs. So, if you really want to shop, Mines View Park offers a lot of shopping items you can take back home with you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Visit to Outdoor Adventure Park

The outdoor Adventure Park is located within Camp John Hay compound, but has a different entrance location.
Inside this small park has no entrance fee but there is a paintball game with a fee. It also has a small shooting range within the area with a fee as well.

My brothers and nephews trying the paintball game ;)

On the other side of the park is a short-distance zip line ideally fitted for smaller kids and/or adults as well. Just below the zip-line property are places for rock climbers. It's also an ideal place for fun for both kids and adults.

My nieces being adventurous!