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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tam-Awan Village

In 1998, Chanum Foundation, Inc. was founded and began constructing huts of Ifugao and Kalinga tribes using original materials, with a goal to showcase model villages to people who are visiting the interior parts of Cordillera region.

Traditional artists reconstructed the houses making them resemble the design of a traditional Cordillera Village. Nowadays, being called Tam-awan village is now also called "a garden in the sky".
More huts were added into the village and are open for lodging with reasonable rates. The entire village today is now a popular place for workshops and exhibits, showcasing the cultural heritage of the Cordillera people. It shows blending of exquisite and aesthetic Cordilleran craftmanship with the concept for a village that adapts with Baguio setting.

The village right up the entrance

Tam-awan Village is also an ideal location for other cultural and art activities enhancing the culture and history of Cordillera life. The word "tam-awan" came from a local word which means "vantage point."

Interested to visit? Check them out at There is an entrance fee to enter the village.