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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Camp John Hay - Baguio

Camp John Hay is today's one of the most popular visited attraction in the city of Baguio. It is situated on the southeast side of Baguio. It used to be the former rest and recreation facility of the US Armed Forces, making Baguio City became known as "little America."
It was actually a major hill station and designated as a communications station, and was run by the US Air Force in its last days before it was finally turned over to the Philippines in 1991 when the expiration of the RP-US Bases Agreement ended.

Camp John Hay used to be considered as the US Military and Department of Defense base since 1903 and also was used as a concentration camp by the Japanese for both British and American soldiers during WW2, and as a military headquarters when Gen. Yamashita went up north from Manila during the coming end of the Japanese reign in the Philippines.

Camp John Hay got its name after President Roosevelt's Secretary of State, - John Milton Hay. It has an average elevation of 5,000 ft., and is a 690-hectare property.
Philippines began managing the former US Air Force recreational facility from the year it was turned over in 1991 until 1997, and turned it as a resort and ultimately developed as private vacation houses, lodgings, famous Baguio hotels, a shopping center and some restaurants, stores and golf courses.

Below are some photos of me and my family while touring inside Camp John Hay's compound.