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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Tour at the Valley Forge National Historic Park

Due to short amount of time and the cold temperature, we chose to do a bus guided tour around the park. Warmer months are mostly recommended if you want to take time touring the park at your own pace.
During the tour, our guide shared about Valley Forge's historical past; - the place of encampment by George Washington and his army during the rough winter days during the 17th century and their survival skills while fighting in a battle.

The tour has an extended stops at the Muhlenberg Brigade Huts, and at the Washington's headquarters house in the countryside.

Muhlenberg Brigade Huts

The farmhouse used as headquarters features sites that include the soldier's huts, earthen fortifications and nearby sites such as the Washington Memorial Chapel and the Memorial Arch.

Inside tours are allowed at the farmhouse headquarters, the soldiers' huts, Muhlenberg brigade huts (walking tours), and the memorial chapel. Each has its own story to tell!