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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Root's Country Market & Auction - A Visit!

Another good place to shop for food such as veggies, fresh fruits, bread and many more, is at Root's Market in Lancaster County.
Since its humble beginnings as a poultry auction in 1925, Root's Market has evolved over the years to become a piece of Lancaster County heritage offering fresh food and a wide variety of items for sale. Root's Market features its produce auction as well as fresh meats, deli, bakery items, flowers, handmade crafts, antiques, collectibles and household items from over 200 stand holders.

It only opens every Tuesday of the week. It celebrated its 85th Anniversary in May of 2010.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Kutztown Folk Festival

It was a great experience to attend the 66th annual Kutztown Folk Festival this year; - considered to be the oldest folklife festival in America. The festival has more than 200 folk artists and traditional American craftsmen who demonstrate and offer an exceptional range of fine works, and over 2,000 locally handmade quilts displayed for the largest quilt sale in the nation, entertainment on 6 stages, including live music, fiddlers, folksingers, hoedown, and country dancing, with great Pennsylvania Dutch food of every variety, some historical re-enactments, children's activities, and some information about the Pennsylvania Dutch lifestyle.

The petting zoo is one big hit for the children. They can get up close and pet some animals while feeding them. Although a dollar of a food is being sold at the area, the animals can still be touched without giving them food, which means you are not obliged to buy the food to pet the animals. ;)

Kutztown Festival is a 9-day event that mostly showcases the traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch & their fascinating way of living. It is being held in Kutztown, - at Kutztown Fairgrounds with a minimal entrance fee.
The entire fairground is filled with shops for arts and crafts, decors and garden accessories, clothings and textiles, farm machineries, garden plants and lots of food and drinks. It's one ideal place to do your "shop 'til you drop" thingy!...LOL!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Functional Guitar Straps

Guitar players have their own physical strains too! Just imagine yourself holding your guitar for a long period of time without any back up support but your arms and hands for hours and you know what I mean. How about considering guitar straps for a more convenient and comfortable support?

There are tons of types of guitar straps that can fit your own mood, style or need. Whether you need a leather type, nylon, polyester, assured that they can be of good quality, ease of use and function. Better yet check them out by clicking the given link. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

"Joseph" at Sight & Sound Theater

It always feels great to feel blessings when Bible stories come to life at Sight & Sound theater (Millenium Theater).

Sight & Sound is considered to be the nation's largest professional Christian theatrical company and one of the mostly attended live theaters in the East Coast and in the Midwest as well. It has a 2,000 seat capacity and has a 300-ft.stage that surrounds 3 sides of the audience and an amazing variety of live animals participating in the show.

The story of Joseph in the Bible is already a familiar one to many Christians. It's considered as legendary. It is a story of a great dreamer (Joseph) who underwent tough challenges and trials from people whom he loved and trusted, yet chose to forgive in the end.

His story grips the heart, that can keep people coming back returning with more friends to watch the show! :)
"Joseph" is a show full of energy that will leave you laughing, crying and uplifted with the life-changing message of God's forgiveness.
The entire show is mesmerizing filled with innovative dream sequences, lavish Egyptian staging, colorful characters, live animals and memorable songs. The climax of the show is a soaring Joseph above, infront and beside the audience!
One word description....SPECTACULAR!!!