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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) can be easily spotted when you're around Baltimore area located at the Federal Hill neighborhood at 800 Key Highway, Baltimore, Maryland. 
The giant Whirlgig is highly visible as its outdoor sculptural landmark.

If you're an art lover, it is here where you will discover various amazing art collections created by intuitive, self-taught artists. It is also a national museum and an educational center where it showcases outstanding original works of various artists.

While some exhibits are being changed at times, it still has its permanent collections always on display with approximately 4,000 pieces.
The AVAM's specialty of art is called outsider art also known as "raw art", "art brut" or "intuitive art".
Photography isn't allowed inside, but are allowed outside the building. The museum's main building has 3 floors of exhibition space.

While more than 40 museums of visionary arts are already open around the world, it has been considered that AVAM is still the largest and continues to influence and inspire all over the world.