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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Re-Visiting Fort McHenry

It has been 5 years since my last visit to Fort McHenry. I and my husband did a visit on our own in 2011, and now we came back, this time with a tour group ;).

year 2011
May 29, 2015 visit
Of course, each visit is still a different experience and the fun is still the same. :)

Our self-guided visit is still enjoyable setting our feet on the famous star-shaped fort which is best known for its role in the war of 1812 when it successfully defended Baltimore Harbor from an attack by the British Navy in the Chesapeake Bay.

It was during the bombardment of the fort that Francis Scott Key was inspired to write "The Star Spangled Banner." As you enter the museum, don't miss watching the orientation film at the theater, right at the museum's entrance, and then visit the exhibits and the gift shop at the Visitor Center.
There are also outdoor exhibits as you walk around the fort, and get the chance to participate in the daily flag change program being held regularly every 4:30PM.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Visit to The Wyoming Monument & The Battle of Wyoming Historical Marker

This might be a small park, located in a small historic residential neighborhood but is actually full of historical past.

The Battle of Wyoming historical marker can be seen at US 11 near the Wyoming Monument. It is located in the Poconos region in Luzerne County in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
The Battle of Wyoming was considered to be the "surpassing horror of the American Revolution" because of the massacre that followed after the battle in July of 1778. After the summer of 1778, Wyoming Valley became largely depopulated of white settlers. Because of the massacre, it became an important tool for patriotic cause which made Gen. George Washington appoint Maj. Gen. John Sullivan a leader of a huge campaign against the Iroquois in the autumn of 1779. The campaign became successful resulting with the Iruquois ceding their lands to the US under the Treaty of Fort Stanwix in 1784.

The Battle of Wyoming is a long story to tell in complete details. The post I made above is just a brief summary.

On the other hand, the Wyoming Monument is a monument of an American Revolutionary War located in the borough of Wyoming, in Luzerne County of Pennsylvania. It also marks the gravesite of the bones of those who died in the Wyoming massacres in July 3, 1778.
These remains were all gathered and buried in a common grave, but were dug up again in 1832 in a public ceremony attended by some of the then elderly survivors of the massacre, wherein the bones were re-interred in the present monument in a vault in 1833.

Every year, a commemorative ceremony is held on the grounds of the stone obelisk, which is sponsored by the Wyoming Commemorative Association.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Sustaniac Electric Guitar Package Price Drop!

Now is the chance for guitar metal player enthusiasts to consider this package that won't last for long. The Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 with Floyd Rose sustainiac Electric Guitar has been packaged as one for a special price drop deal. Better yet check them out and see the difference! ;)

Packed with multi extensive features, you will never regret owning two excellent electric guitars that will surely give you the satisfaction guaranteed tones the way you love it!
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The European Union Embassy Tours

This event is the cheapest way to do a shortcut to Europe, as many would say. This tour event happens also every second Saturday of May yearly.
The European embassies' open house tour is a joint effort project of the Delegation of the European Union to the United States and the 28 participating embassies of the EU delegation as they open their doors to the public as they share their own culture, food, fun activities and more. It also gives visitors the chance to experience the cultural heritage and traditions of the participating embassies.

Some embassies require ID's for visitors coming in and security screening checks as well, but most embassies don't. Photos are allowed as well but can be prohibited in some designated locations inside the embassy.

Just like "Passport DC", visitors are given brochures with 9 empty slots for the stamps of embassies visited, but this one is free! :) So, if you happened to be visiting more than 9 embassies from 10AM-4PM, you can have as many brochures as you want. Take the chance because it's free. ;).

This event is also the same thing as Around the World Embassy Tour, except that the participating embassies are representing European countries. and other events they promote.