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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Historical Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is the most prominent landmark you'll ever see when you're around the metro DC area, because its structures towers over everything considering its height which is at 555 ft. & 5.5 inches.
Some people would always call it the "big pencil" due to its obelisk shape topped with a 3,300 lb. marble capstone, covered by a 9-inch pyramid of cast aluminum which was considered to be a rare metal in the 18th century.

The monument is also one of the most visited landmark in Washington DC, although free tickets are always available for a timed entrance going up inside the monument. Take note though that the free tickets are always limited for a day. It opens daily except Christmas Day.
Visitors who want to access the top pf the monument will have to undergo security screening (just like an airport security screening) before entering. Then you will have to wait for a few minutes for the elevator going up since visitors are controlled to prevent overcrowding on top.

You will be boarding the elevator towards the top for 70 seconds (1 minute, 10 seconds) taking you to the 500-ft. level to see the sweeping views of the nations capital at the observation deck.
One level below the observation deck is a museum full of photos and other historical facts about the monument and about all vital information regarding the life and achievements and contributions of George Washington; - the first president of the USA.

Me inside the museum level of the Washington Monument
When you go down you will again board the elevator and take a slow descent while the elevator guide shares interesting  historical facts as you go past 195 memorial stones while viewing them which are attached on the monuments interior walls.