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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Best of Barbados Tour (via Royal Caribbean)

Here is a 3.5-hour scenic drive tour that takes you to picturesque views and historical lamdmarks of Barbados' best! It's a splendid beauty hidden in one of the Caribbean's paradise.
One of the visits will be a scenic drive going to the Gun Hill Signal Station which is located at the center of the island of Barbados.

Gun Hill, - a former lookout and military post during WWII offers a wonderful panoramic views of the island! 

You will experience standing on the same exact location where those who protected the island once stood while at the same time discover the historical past through your tour guide as he tells the stories behind. AT the Gun Hill Signal is also a famous lion sculpture made of limestone by Captain Wilkenson in 1868.

Depending on your itinerary, you might also see the residence of the governor-general; - the Ilaro Court; - the Prime Minister's official residence and the statue of Bussa which was constructed in 1986 commemorating the deliverance from slavery.
Some tours don't include the two. Others would include a visit to the seaside UNESCO World Heritage Site, - the Historic Charles Fort.

Another stop is a visit to St. John's Church. The church is located 800 ft. above sea level, with a breath taking look out of the Atlantic Coast and the southernmost tip of Barbados island. The church was built in 1831, and has interior tombs built for prominent islanders at the colonial era site at the side and back of the church. It is also in this church where you can see the burial place of Ferdinando Paleolgus who is a descendant of Emperor Constantine the Great, and whose family was driven away from the throne of Constantinople by the Turks.

You will also be visiting the Flower Forest, - a lovely garden with many tropical colors of various flora as you come up close to them. It offers picturesque, relaxing scene for many visitors with an additional bonus of information as you will discover and learn about the medicinal uses and history of many plants in the garden. 
You will also see the tree called "Pride of Barbados". These are thousands of colorful blooms grown and displayed at Flower Forest within its 6-acre size surrounded by the countryside.

Overlooking from one part of the garden as well is the highest point of Barbados at 1,115 ft. above sea level.
At the end of your garden tour, you'll be offered with a complimentary beverage...relaxing!