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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Shen Yun Performing Arts Show (The Modell Lyric Baltimore)

If you are fascinated in learning about cultures, the Chinese culture is one of those that has a lot of story to tell, from the ancient times up to the present.

The Shen Yun dance performance can promise you a show full of dances that reflect colors, action, theater effects and songs describing their ancient culture.
Shen Yun started in 2006 in New York formed by leading Chinese artists from all around the world with a goal to revive the Chinese ancient culture through music, dance and songs.
They perform few times each year and every year, they create an all-new production of performance.

You have to be aware though that in between the performances are dances that reflect teachings of Falun Dafa books, which are inspired by Falun Gong philosphy. It's nowhere that you can see anything about Dafa teachings being promoted until you watch the entire performance.
Falun Dafa is a Chinese spiritual practice for mind and body, through meditation that mainly focuses on truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. 

Some reviews about this, being incorporated with Shen Yun performances sound offensive to some, and some were led to practice it. They leave up to the audience to choose, - to practice and believe it or not.
Otherwise, the audience can just focus on the spectacular and colorful dances, music and the colorful costumes of the dancers, the acrobats, and many more.