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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Exploring Ocean City, Boardwalk (Maryland)

Ocean City is considered to be the East Coast's favorite family vacation destination, particularly during summer wherein it becomes the 2nd most populated town in Maryland as vacationers would flock the area making its visitors go up to 8 million at least in a year.
Its world famous boardwalk stretches up to 10 miles of clean beautiful beaches from the inlet to the Delaware state line.

The Ocean City Boardwalk is at the southern tip of the strip. It is where the main shopping district is, as well as an entertainment area of the town. The boardwalk has also amusement parks and recently a museum, namely the Trimpers Rides and The Pier.
Along the strip are now full of hotels, apartments, condos and shopping centers.

Experience wise, I and my husband only explored along the boardwalk, where the shopping districts are mostly located ;). Take note that Ocean City also has a downtown neighborhood marked by Victorian style houses and some other buildings, and the city is still continously expanding for more business establishments and attractions.

Exploring the boardwalk involves a lot of walking, so if you plan to be in the area for shopping, be sure you can walk at a long distance. There is a trolley that runs back and forth along the boardwalk for those who want to skip the long walks, but the trolley has a charge of $3. per person.
Otherwise you can still opt to stop fora rest. Benches are situated along the edge of the boardwalk. It's ideal to still walk if you are a shopaholic, :).