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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Trip Down Main Street of Yesteryear

This elaborate, full of colorful unique, animated and antique store window displays opened in 1996. It shows more than 100 animated figurines of window displays most of which of them were originally displayed in city department stores a half century ago.
The idea of opening this window displays came from the fact that there were those times in the past, many years back when children get so excited during the holiday season wherein they couldn't wait to visit department stores just to look at those animated displays through the store windows.
Today, children can now experience enjoyment and fun the same way as before when they visit Main Street of Yesteryear.

When you are visiting Shenandoah caverns, you can either choose to visit these displays before or after your cavern tour as the place is just adjacent to the caverns.

The cavern tour or a visit to the Main Street of Yesteryear starts at the shop where both entrances are. Those coming from the cavern tour will still have the choice to be dropped off from another entrance to the Main Street through the elevator.

Big brown bears displayed along the side of the stairs came from the Rose Parade in California.

As you start your visit to Main Street of Yesteryear, you will be greeted with glass cased windows filled with fully restored antique displays such as the three-ring circus of clowns, twirling elephants, jugglers and ferocious tigers.
You will also see the thrilling sight of the miniature version of the presidential inaugural parade, completed with miniature military units, bands and floats.

Don't miss Cinderella going to the ball ;).

This is one ideal place for children to visit. The displays have buttons to press making the characters move.