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Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Natural Bridge and "Drama of Creation"

Being a nature's wonder, the Natural Bridge is one attraction worth seeing, located in Rockbridge County in Virginia. Once owned by Thomas Jefferson, it is now considered a National Historic Landmark, located adjacent to The Natural Bridge Hotel in Natural Bridge, Virginia. 
Thomas Jefferson bought the Natural Bridge in 1774 including its 157 surrounding acres from King George III of England for about &2.40! ; - equivalent to the sum of 20 shillings of good and lawful money. But prior to Jefferson purchasing the bridge, it was said in the legend that in 1750, George Washington who was still in his youth visited the bridge and scaled some 23 feet up on the left wall of the bridge, then carved his initials "G.W", which can probably be still seen today. (I was there while visiting but wasn't able to see it though :(..)

Prior to the coming of the white people, the Monacan Indians who used to reside in the area called the Natural Bridge "The Bridge of God."

The Natural Bridge is carved by fingers of nature, composing twenty stories of solid rock, a stunning, majestic monument ingrained in America's past. It was formed when a cavern collapsed and still now appears as it is like today.

The Natural Bridge's "Drama of Creation" is also one of the attractions that is open seasonally, and is only available from April-October beginning at dusk. The new scheduled show times is now every 5pm every Fridays and Saturdays.
The "Drama of Creation" shows the Natural Bridge through a moving lighting effects while a dramatic narration about the 7 days of creation of God based from the Bible is being heard from the background. It is accompanied by a gripping music as the lighting effects move and change into various colors.