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Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Monacan Indian Exhibit

As you pass beyond the Natural Bridge while visiting the area, you'll find yourself walking along the Cedar Creek Trail.
A few minutes along the way, you'll find the Monacan Indian Village in which you can step back in the past 300 years of their history and explore their lifestyles, homes, their skills and their products inside a small authentic village.
As you enter the village, you can obviously see the Ceremonial Lodge covered with exterior barks. There are also some few small mini workshop shelters made of tree barks.

There wasn't much to see that time of my visit except some few exhibits, but still has some valuable info you can pick up regarding on how they make a living during their time.

The entire exhibit area is surrounded by a wooden fence made up of smaller pieces of wood branches and twigs. One interesting thing to know about was their hunting skills showing animal skin exhibits such as elks and skunks!...out of these come a beautiful coat that they make to protect them from cold.