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Friday, July 17, 2015

Woodrow Wilson Home, Birthplace & Museum

The museum is located in historic Staunton, Virginia where I had an informative experience in an engaging guided tour of Pres. Wilson's birthplace, - his home, and did a self-guided tour of the museum as well. The house sits on top of the crest of a hill in downtown Staunton's Gospel Hill Historic District.

Inside the house, photos and videos are NOT allowed, but unlimited photos/videos are allowed outside the house. I was able to get a shot of the entire house, so that was nice.
The house tour includes visiting the various rooms of Pres. Wilson's house as we stepped back in time as to what life was like during the 18th century in the pre-Civil War era.
The house is a Greek Revival style brickhouse, with 12 rooms, has center halls and four chimneys. During the 18th century, it has been revealed by church records that the total cost of the house construction was about $4, already expensive amount during those years!

Some parts of the house were restored, so don't expect the house to be a 100% original in its condition. The restorations were done for parts that were into a partial collapse, by replacing some parts and repainting the walls too!
Most of the decorations in the house are from the Wilson family including period furnishings. It was in 1856 that Pres. Wilson was born in this house.
When he was elected president of the US in 1912, he visited his birthplace to celebrate his 56th birthday in the house on December 28th.