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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Famous "White Carabao" Landmark in Bulanao

Our tour group ;)

While having a tour around Tabuk, we happened to stop by at this famous "white carabao" landmark in Bulanao, Tabuk.
It surprised me now located in a different spot. I learned later that the city government moved it from its old location which was at the middle of the road intersection to the side of the street fronting St. William's Cathedral. It also looked brighter with its tri-colored green-orange-yellow combination and is now a waiting shed, making the carabao on top of it.

I couldn't seem to find answers to my question as to why they transferred the monument, except that there was an issue of the old monument being abused by placing lots of advertising banners, political, commercial ads, etc...losing the monument's historical purpose, thus, there was an executive order issued by the governor of Tabuk prohibiting any streamers and banners of any kind on the landmark.

The "White Carabao" monument symbolizes the main occupation of the residents of Tabuk, - which is farming, and is always a prominent historical landmark when you reach the town of Bulanao - the town it became popular with.
I've witnessed the presence of this monument 15 years in this town while growing up, and being a small child those days, I actually called Bulanao "white carabao" everytime I see it. :) That would also meant I am already 5 minutes close to home! ;)

Honestly, I couldn't complain about the landmark's new location now with a waiting shed below it. it looks like it is now serving its purpose much better with its much improved looks...just my opinion! :)