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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stay-In Vacation at Golden Berries Hotel & Convention Center

After almost 20 years since I departed Tabuk, Kalinga, - the place where I grew up, it was a blessing indeed to be able to go back and visit. 
Now considered a city (Tabuk City), some hotels have already been up.
It was such a good place to stay while I and my family had a vacation for a week.

Early morning infront of the hotel
Another good thing is the fact that this is the hotel closest to our relatives' residences which are only 5-minute drive going to the houses. While I and my husband got a room in the hotel, the rest of our family chose to stay with our relatives. They enjoyed bonding with them that way ;).

There is one inn much closer to the house and much cheaper, but it didn't have the hot shower my husband wanted. It was basically more on a transient boarding house and we were not so sure about its security as well.

Golden Berries Hotel is located along the provincial road of San Juan, Tabuk, Kalinga province in northern Philippines. This makes it easy to locate because it is close to the road. The hotel is also a popular venue for seminars, conferences, wedding and other occasions.
Golden Berries Hotel has 15 rooms and 3 convention halls for various functions. Rooms are clean and regularly maintained, with amenities; - A/C, cable TV, wi-fi, and with hot and cold showers.

My husband loved their brewed coffee! We actually bought 2 regular packs of this to take with us to the US ;).

Our stay in the hotel also came with a complimentary Filipino breakfast, but only good for one person :(. It wasn't a big deal though, because our family was always cooking for us big meals 3x a day...LOL!
The pool was a plus! Our nieces and nephews went there for a swim while the adults stayed at the poolside, eating! hahaha! It was fun being together with loved ones together with food. :)
We ordered from the hotel and they were all good!