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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cool Customized Glasses With A Twist!

I love to drink wine as much as I also love to collect wine glasses in different designs, shapes, colors and sizes. They can be an attractive decor at home as well, if placed in a special, separate glass rack with mirror covers. :) 

 I love looking at the hurricane glasses due to their shapes. How cool will that be if personalized designs will be on them. don't you think? I haven't thought of it until I saw some samples of a customized cocktail glass at

 I am actually thinking of probably getting some few of their existing designs they have online, but at the same time, I would also want to have my own unique personalized design. It would be fun having some of my chosen glasses customized from scratch!

It was really a perfect idea for me to install some hanging cabinets at my home in the Philippines! At least, now I know where would my customized cocktail glasses go! It would be something looking forward to when I go home for a much needed vacation. :)