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Monday, July 6, 2015

A Quick Look of St. William's Cathedral

We were not actually able to step inside this cathedral for a detailed visit. Due to other trip itineraries we had in mind, we thought of just taking its photo as we stopped by on the other side of the street.

St. William's Cathedral is located in Bulanao, one of the towns in Tabuk which is like 2-3 kilometers away from Tabuk town proper (Tabuk City). It is located right along the road fronting the "white carabao"-turned waiting shed so that everyone in the area can easily see it clearly. Its architectural design is quite catchy so that someone with a camera couldn't resist taking photos on it :).

It's known for its modern architectural design obviously seen on its facade. At the back of it is the St. William's Academy, a school named after Msgr. William Brasseur, who were then the apostolic vicar of the Mountain Provinces. This is how ST. William's got its name, - for both the cathedral and the school.