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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Passing Pasunglao Bridge/Canao Bridge

From Tabuk town proper, 3 kilometers away is the Pasunglao Bridge. This bridge is already replaced by a new bridge called Canao Bridge, named after Antonio Canao in honor of the first Kalinga native congressman.
The Canao Bridge is considered to be the longest bridge of its kind in the Cordilleras.

Pasunglao Bridge was not replaced until lately in 2008, under the North Luzon Agriculture Quadrangle (NLAQ) program of former president Gloria Arroyo.
Canao Bridge is now a road linking Tuguegarao-Tabuk-Bontoc roads, and mainly linked to Mt. Province, Abra and Apayao from tabuk City.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Bass Drum Mallets Online

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Chico River Dam Tour

It was Holy Week but we got the chance to hire a van and a driver to take us to places worth visiting. We tried our luck to contact a tour guide who could give us information as we tour around, but nobody was available since it was already Holy Thursday. So, we just went ahead and tour on our own. The actual visits with some few good photos were good enough to enjoy the trip. :)

The Chico River dam has a rich historical past. It used to be an electric power generation project in 1973 for the purpose of increasing the electrical power by 50% in Luzon.
Unfortunately, the project didn't push through and finally shelved in the 1980's because the local residents didn't approve of it, particularly the Igorots who were living in the villages. The local residents who resisted the Chico River Dam project continued fighting against it for 3 decades and finally won, causing the project to be shelved for good.
If the dam was pushed through, it would submerge villages of some local residences along the Chico river, including the terraces, their burial grounds and their sacred groves.
Basically, the dam project meant destroying all their property, - which their way of life has been based upon.
The residents who fought hard against the dam didn't find it easy. The Chico River Valley became a war zone where many casualties were involved. High-powered arms were used between the rebels and the government militaries. There were a lot of groups involved during the fight and it would be a long story to tell in detailed information.

I didn't remember much about this while growing up. I was only a 5-year old innocent kid who wanted to play and enjoy the kid's world...:)
But visiting a  place with a noted historical past is way more than enough to have a memorable trip such as this, - with the company of loved ones of course!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Is Your Water Healthy?

Water is a vital component in human lives - we can't deny that! But water sufficiency at home is not enough. Our responsibility for the safety of our home and our loved ones are just one of those things we need to consider as well. 

Considering and making the habit of making aware about the kind of water we use at home is another important thing to consider about. Water can be harsh without us knowing it, the reason why we need to consider having it checked and analyzed.

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