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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Haitian Cultural Tour at Paradise Cove & Beach

We had this tour experience during our Eastern Caribbean cruise via Royal Caribbean. This is an interesting tour because it's a great way to learn more about Haitian culture and its people and at the same time, the tour has an extended bonus, - to relax on a beautiful, idyllic beach called Paradise Cove.
My hubby before boarding the water taxi
The tour starts by boarding on a water taxi, which is a short ride away going to Le Village at Paradise Cove. The haitian village is located on a hill from Paradise Cove wherein you will have to go up through concrete stairs.
Paradise Cove is a private location which has 121 meters of waterfront reflecting a scenic overlook that you would surely enjoy.
Please note that guests will be going off and on the water taxi through a boat ladder, and you'll be going off the boat into a knee-deep water at the beach's edge. Upon reaching Paradise Cove, there is a bamboo bar that serves you a welcome drink (complimentary) which is called a fruit rum punch.

Once at the beach, your tour guide will be leading you to the village passing through a small bamboo bridge just over a natural freshwater pool. You also have to note that in order to reach the village, you will have to climb some steps.
Once you reach the village uphill, you'll get the chance to meet the Haitian locals doing their daily routines, and have the opportunity to interact with them. You'll be able to learn, visit and see a typical rural Haitian home and the natural materials used to build them.

They will also show you their cooking techniques, and you get to learn and see how they process haitian peanut butter and how coffee is being prepared for export.
There is also a sculpture shop in the village wherein your tour guide will give you an overview on the religion of vodoo and how it played an important role in their lives.

You will see some weaved products at a small shop which are also being sold as souvenirs. A local artisan shop is also in the village where you can see paintings and sculptures souvenirs for sale. The tour ends at the artisan shop where you can choose to buy items you want, then you go back down to Paradise Cove where you can choose to relax on the beach and enjoy the cool, clear water before you board back to the water taxi back to the ship.