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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Old And New San Juan City Tour (via Royal Caribbean)

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, - a commonwealth of the United States. It was founded by the Spanish and made it their settlement in 1521. Today, it is considered to be the second oldest European settlement in the Americas, and one of the largest natural harbors in the caribbean.

No wonder why many tourists are very much attracted to its colonial past that reflects its architectural landmarks which now can be frequently seen through out the Old San Juan.

If you love exploring culture, arts, sports and many more, the tour of Old & New San Juan is perfectly made for you.
This guided tour will first lead you to New San Juan where guests will see common landmarks such as the Capitol Building, the Convention Center, Hiram Bithorn Stadium, Museum of Art Puerto Rico, Roberto Clemente Coliseum, Plaza Las Americas, and others. (Take note that this is a driving tour and hopping off the bus is not allowed except for a visit to Fort San Cristobal,)

The tour will then proceed in Old San Juan where visitors will be given the chance to explore inside San Cristobal Fort and can take as many photos as they want ;). Tour inside the fort is 45 minutes. There is a passageway going up the fort through a tunnel. ;)
My hubby going up  the fort.
Other historical buildings will also be seen like Museo de Ateneo, Antigua Casino and Casa Olimpica where you would learn each of their cultural significance.
The ending part of the tour will be a shopping time at Plaza Colon. Items such as crafts, arts and souvenirs will be the common choices.
You will also get the option to stay a little bit at Old San Juan as you prefer and go back to the ship on your own or choose to be taken back to the ship by the tour bus.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Perfect Day To Experience Labadee, Haiti

Labadee is considered to be a private tropical paradise owned by Royal Caribbean for five centuries now.
There are two main historical monuments on Labadee, - the Nellie's Place and the Old Bell Tower. These 2 monuments are frequently visited by many tourists where they will learn about their historical facts.

Old Bell Tower
Courtesy Photo by Flickr

Nellie's Place
Courtesy Photo by Flickr
There are lots of various activities and interests you can enjoy at Labadee whether you are an adventure-seeker, explorer or a beach lover due to its picture perfect coastal location.

If you are seeking  for thrill adventures, you might want to try zip lining called the Dragon's Breath Flight Line, or go para sailing over 300 ft. above. Both of these activities give you a bird's eye view of the peninsula and the beaches.
Other activities are the Wave Jet Tour or doing the High Speed Coastal Adventure Ride, and the experience of riding the Dragon's Tail Alpine Coaster as it goes down the mountain of Labadee.

If you're the explore type, you can enjoy a walking tour of sites to learn both the past and present histories of Haiti, or you can tour it by sea on a cultural experience.
Beach lovers, you will enjoy exploring bountiful beaches and choose your favorite beach-perfect spot to enjoy and relax,while enjoying a sip of your favorite cocktail.

If you prefer swimming in calm waters of the beach, try the Columbus Cove and Nellie's beach, while the Dragon's Tail is perfect for lounging and capturing sunrays that has a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

There are also two types of shopping experiences in Labadee. You can visit the Artisan's Market/The Artisan's Village and the Trading Posts.
Take note that the Artisan's Market only accepts cash, while Trading Posts accepts seapass card.

Try to enjoy everything Labadee has to offer to the fullest! Visit the Dragon's Plaza, explore Buccaneer's Bay, Town Square, Adrenaline Beach, Barefoot Beach Club and the Columbus Cove.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Haitian Cultural Tour at Paradise Cove & Beach

We had this tour experience during our Eastern Caribbean cruise via Royal Caribbean. This is an interesting tour because it's a great way to learn more about Haitian culture and its people and at the same time, the tour has an extended bonus, - to relax on a beautiful, idyllic beach called Paradise Cove.
My hubby before boarding the water taxi
The tour starts by boarding on a water taxi, which is a short ride away going to Le Village at Paradise Cove. The haitian village is located on a hill from Paradise Cove wherein you will have to go up through concrete stairs.
Paradise Cove is a private location which has 121 meters of waterfront reflecting a scenic overlook that you would surely enjoy.
Please note that guests will be going off and on the water taxi through a boat ladder, and you'll be going off the boat into a knee-deep water at the beach's edge. Upon reaching Paradise Cove, there is a bamboo bar that serves you a welcome drink (complimentary) which is called a fruit rum punch.

Once at the beach, your tour guide will be leading you to the village passing through a small bamboo bridge just over a natural freshwater pool. You also have to note that in order to reach the village, you will have to climb some steps.
Once you reach the village uphill, you'll get the chance to meet the Haitian locals doing their daily routines, and have the opportunity to interact with them. You'll be able to learn, visit and see a typical rural Haitian home and the natural materials used to build them.

They will also show you their cooking techniques, and you get to learn and see how they process haitian peanut butter and how coffee is being prepared for export.
There is also a sculpture shop in the village wherein your tour guide will give you an overview on the religion of vodoo and how it played an important role in their lives.

You will see some weaved products at a small shop which are also being sold as souvenirs. A local artisan shop is also in the village where you can see paintings and sculptures souvenirs for sale. The tour ends at the artisan shop where you can choose to buy items you want, then you go back down to Paradise Cove where you can choose to relax on the beach and enjoy the cool, clear water before you board back to the water taxi back to the ship.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Knowing The Danger Signs of Blood Clots & Get Involved!

The American Blood Clot Association (ABCA) has been working daily to help and educate people about vital information they need to know about blood clot. It has been said that one person is being diagnosed every minute with a blood clot in the United States.

Blood Clots can kill if not discovered early or remained undiagnosed. The golden rule is, - knowing the signs and symptoms. The earlier it can be detected, the better is the chance of survival.

ABCA continues to extend its function for public awareness regarding the danger of blood clots. The higher the awareness we can impart about this threatening condition, the lower the death rate would be. Let's be productive and get involved! We can save a life a day.