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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Upgrade Your Living Room!

I love decorating my own home. Although I haven't gotten any formal schooling about interior decorations or designs, just by playing mix and match is quite a lot of fun, particularly in choosing the styles as to colors and shapes of furniture and other is quite fulfilling when you see your own design as you would want it to be. 

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It's a made-easy online shopping for you as well. You get to see all the items that they have in their store rather than visiting an actual store and spend time roaming around ;).

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church

There are two Ebenezer Baptist Churches along Auburn Ave., one is the church exactly located at 400 Auburn Ave. built in 1999, and is currently an active church, and the other one (historic Ebenezer Baptist Church) which is at 407 Auburn Ave., and is now used as a heritage sanctuary, and a tourist attraction.
The new church building at 400 Auburn Ave. is the new Ebenezer Church which is the horizon sanctuary and is not open for tours. It is open to all visitors who want to attend Sunday services though.

The historic Ebenezer Baptist Church has a long, rich history and has been a popular place visited by many tourists due to the fact that MLK (Martin Luther King) Jr.'s life has mostly revolved in this church including his father. Jr. became as a co-pastor in 1960 while his father was the pastor. It was also in this church where MLK Jr.'s funeral was held when he died in 1968.
In 2001, the National Park Service began the restoration which will be completed in 2 phases.

The first phase restoration was done costing to $1,885.000 which included installation of major electrical, heating and air conditioning and fire suppression. Exterior renovations were also done such as the Ebenezer sign that was repaired and lit in 1990, and structural repairs were also made to the roof system as well. The 2nd phase has yet to be determined.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ibanez CS9 Is Back!

For those who are searching for cs9 stereo chorus effect pedals, Ibanez has offered a reissue of the popular CS9 that still features its original circuitry. This will be a great deal for costumers who had been wanting to get this model at a more affordable price. The fact that many originals are being sold at higher prices now, is not a good news for customers who have been loyal users of CS9 stereo chorus products.

You will still be able to continue and enjoy its compact effects at greater deals of prices. A budget-friendly for many!