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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Stroll At The Centennial Olympic Park

This is just one of the common sight you will see when walking in the park. This statue "Man on Steps" is designed by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a French free mason, and founder of the modern Olympics.

I have done several trips to Atlanta, Georgia but it was my first time to lay my steps on this park ;).

If you are in the park, you will notice those commemorative bricks which are mostly laid evenly on the ground making up the majority of the side walks.

These bricks have engravings on each of them which served as primary fundraisers that made the construction of the 21-acre park possible. These bricks raised approximately $7.5 million from private donors with approximately 8000,000 bricks used in the park's construction.
The park is exactly located at downtown Atlanta, and are walking distances to many attractions such as the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, CNN, Underground Atlanta, and some museums.

One of the most popular feature of the park is the fountain of rings. It is considered to be the centerpiece of the Centennial Olympic Park.
The Fountain of Rings has free shows daily that plays 4x a day, starting at 12:30PM, 3:30PM, 6:30PM and 9PM. It is also considered as the world's largest interactive fountain that synchronizes with popular music tunes, sounds and lighting effects.
It is highly recommended to watch the fountain shows at night time for a more artistic colors if you want to take colorful photos and videos on it.

Another great feature in the park is the availability of free wi-fi internet around and close to the park's Visitor Center. Park admission is always free as well.

You might as well try the audio walking tour at your own pace for free throughout the park. This is a self-guided audio tour designed for the visitors at their own convenience and at the same time learn and enjoy more about the park's history, architectures, trivias and more.
You can start your self-guided audio tour right directly from your phone! Every structure included in the audio tour are numbered and with just simple instructions to follow, it's always a breeze, with a lot of learning you can get at the end.

That's me doing the self-guided audio walking  tour ;)

Don't forget to drop by at the Visitor Center which is located adjacent to the Fountain of the Rings, at the south end if you have further questions about the park or any other concerns you may have.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Meadow Garden at Longwood Gardens

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A new garden ready for public to see has recently been opened in June 2014 at Longwood Gardens! This outdoor garden is called the Meadow Garden that spans at 86 acres wide, has more than 3 miles of walking and hiking trails and features native and colorful wildflower plants with engaging narrative and insightful programs throughout the seasons.

If you get lucky enough, you can get the chance to see some wildlife particularly in the early morning or early evening  along the trail and depending on where you are on the trails.
Birds are common sightings, but larger animals such as "the white-tailed deer can be an unexpected visitor at times.

It's worth visiting for nature lovers!