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Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Moses" @ Sight & Sound's Millenium Theater

Me at the lobby of Millennium Theater showing "Moses"

This is one way of making you spiritually enriched, being a Christian.
We all know the story about Moses in the Old Testament. He was more than just a Biblical icon. He was an ordinary man who had his flaws and weaknesses, struggles ad was much like an ordinary person like us who tried to find his personal identity with God.

The show "Moses" is one of the Bible's most epic sagas that comes to life through this all new adventurous presentation by the Sight & Sound. In the show, you can journey back in time as you'll witness the moment God first speaks to Moses at the burning bush, and also experience God's awe-inspiring power as you sit in the midst of the parted Red Sea!
You can also feel the celebration of the Israelites as they brush past you on their path to freedom ;).

Don't miss watching this action-packed story as you discover God's unique plan for the first time on the Sight & Sound stage.
The show comes in 2 Acts, in which Act 1 has 8 scenes, while Act 2 has 9 scenes.

The life of Moses is truly an epic. Visual and sound effects of each scenes are made through computer-based 3D modeling, then these produced equipments out of the 3D models were constructed, - painted, welded and handcrafted in details.
Owe it all to the Sight & Sound staff.
The theater has been ding a great step on their mission on moving people's hearts, mind and spirit by bringing the Bible to life on stage through the power of story.

Kudos to all of Sight & Sound's blend of creative talents who continue to have passion to share the love of Christ.
It's God's way of letting you use your spiritual gifts through the Holy Sprit.
Thank you for continuing to spread the Good News & God's promises.