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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Orlean's French Quarter Tours

You might probably be wondering and ask, -what's in French Quarter? Why do many tourists love to visit the place? So, you'll get curious, right? The best answer would be to go there, visit and see it for yourself ;).

French Quarter is also known as "Vieux Carre" - the largest district with a predominant 19th century best-preserved architecture that can be found within an American city. Its architectural styles are a mix of French, Creole, Spanish and American styles.
These eye-catching walled courtyards, cast iron balconies, lacy galleries with stoops and porches on some buildings are what makes French Quarter uniquely creates its popular trademark for many visitors.

You can find that in every corner bend, you can also enjoy some eclectic shopping destinations, restaurants and historical museums.

Did you know that French Quarter is so far the oldest neighborhood in the city? It was first established by the French in 1718, and soon developed its history of international cultural contributions from the Spanish, Italians, French, Irish, Africans, Sicilians, and more, which now reflects the development of this global port settlement.

The French Quarter is full of history. You'll learn a lot of it with the help of a professional tour guide. You will learn about the quarter's unique strategic location down to its architecture styles to restaurants, music, food and shopping.