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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Touring The New Castle Court House Museum

Me inside the court house museum.

Being one of the oldest surviving courthouses in the US, this courthouse was also Delaware's first capital building and meeting place for the colonial and first state Assembly. There has been several modifications and additions throughout the 18th & 19th centuries, by which in 1732, the original courthouse was built over the remains of the 1660's courthouse. It served as the state house of Delaware in 1776-1777.

The New Castle Court House Museum can be seen at the heart of historic New Castle neighborhood with address at 211 Delaware St., New Castle, Delaware 1720. 
Group tours are recommended to ask for reservations in advance. Various groups range from student grades to adults and older people.
The tour gives information and lets its visitors learn about Delaware's colonial and state history including their early system of law and government.

It also highlights Delaware's social, cultural, archaeological and underground railroad history.
At the second floor of the museum displays periodical portraits of people that had important role in the museum, artifacts, furniture and some decorative arts.