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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Disney's MGM Studios - (Now, Hollywood Studios)

Disney's MGM Studios displayed its last name in December 2007, then finally closed its doors in January 2008. The good thing is that avid customers didn't need to worry about, because it was re-opened the next day with anew name; - Disney's Hollywood Studios!
The new name also came with the idea of providing interactive exhibits from the mega-hit movie "High School Musical" and its sequels, the popular animated movie stories from Pixar Entertainment & Disney's "Toy Story"; "The Chronicles of Narnia's" big screen version, and the TV blockbuster reality show "American Idol".

Today, Disney's Hollywood Studios is one of the most visited theme park in the US, with almost 10 million visitors every year. It is here where you get to experience the thrills, action and glamour of today's entertainment industry in the fields of music, TV, movies and theater.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Disney's Animal Kingdom

This is the ideal theme park to visit if you want to experience the "wild" side of Disney! Whether be it a real or fantasy adventure, you'll all experience the fun while doing it.

If you love real adventure encounters with real animals, try safari and trail rides to get to them up close. The kids will enjoy more every activities they would choose; - from musicals to thrill rides and adventures.