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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Living Bible Museum

If you happened to be in Mansfield, Ohio you might want to try visiting this museum where you can see the Holy Bible in life form through their famous tour called "Bible Walk." They would call it; - The Holy Bible that comes to life by touring through a wax museum of Bible characters featuring life-sized dioramas about the popular characters' stories based from the Bible.

It will also be your guide in understanding the basic truth about God's Word. Won't you be glad walking through the Word by walking with your faith as well?

The tours focus on the life of Christ and the miracles of the Old Testament, a tour on the Museum of Christian Martyrs and Heart of the Reformation.

As you will start the tour, you will be walking on hallways and viewing life-like scenes in both sides of the hallway, and these scenes are equipped with a push button for the narration. Musical and sound effects come with the narration.

There are 70 scenes total, and more than 300 wax statues in the museum.

The Living Bible Museum is considered to be Ohio's only life-sized wax museum. Take note that this is a non-denominational. Everybody is invited and enjoy the tours!