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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Zombie Tour Part-1 (by Atlanta Movie Tours)

No wonder many call Atlanta the "home to Zombieland" in Georgia. But if you are a "Walking Dead" fan or just one of those who are so fascinated with any kind of zombie movie, - then definitely you'll agree, talking about zombie tours.

This tour is a 3-hour experience as you board a luxury coach courtesy of Atlanta Movie Tours, ad you can then get the experience on what it is like to be on the scenes where the zombies walked themselves! You'll be taken to locations in Atlanta where movies and TV series such as "The Walking Dead", "Zombieland", "The Vampire Diaries", etc. were filmed.
Tour guides will be with you all throughout the tour. Best thing is that the tour guides are the actors/actresses themselves that are/were part of the TV series "The Walking Dead". They can even entertain the group by giving interesting scoops and exclusive behind-the-scene stories about the series and movies where the best zombie hang-outs were filmed.

By the way, it is highly recommended to book your tour and get your tickets online at the Atlanta Movie Tours website (, because tickets sell so fast! Also take note that only small children that can be seated on an adult's lap are free of charge.

Instructions will be given regarding the meeting place, time, etc... which will be reflected on your e-tickets.

First part of the tour is a quarter mile walk at a slow pace but fairly ADA accessible. The rest of the tour will be on the bus with some various stops on some areas for photo ops and breaks.

Some expected highlights of the tour will be your visit to the hospital where your favorite sheriff, Rick Grimes woke up from coma, a visit to the goat farm where they filmed the episode "Vatos" of Season 1 of the "Walking Dead", and the CDC building (Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center) where it was blown up in the final episode of Season 1, - the truth is, it wasn't really blown up, - camera trick, yeah! Sorry for the spoiler alert guys, but it still won't hinder anyone to visit these locations yourself, right? 
Then, a photo op from the Jackson St. Bridge with the tour group and the tour guide at the end of the tour.

Entrance to the Goat Farm. This scene on the photo was filmed on the "Hunger Games-Catching Fire" from the scene of District 12. If you're lucky enough, you can still find some fake coals that was used as props reflecting the effect of the coal district in the movie.

The King County Sheriff Station. On the further end on this building (not shown) was the location where Rick shot a police officer who became a zombie.

The hospital where Rick had woke up from a coma. This was also the scene where lot of dead zombies were lined up on the ground (those "zombies were actually man-made dummies).

This was the spot where Rick crossed the railway entering Atlanta on a horse.

The department store still with the chains on the doors to keep the zombies out. It was in this store where the group was trapped in.

Our tour group photo at the Jackson St. Bridge
It will be quite of a unique experience to try this tour. Very entertaining!