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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fun At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Bring your whole family and experience the outdoors in the "wild" safari on specially designed cruisers that takes you across 150 acres of rolling land where you will see herds of wild and exotic animals from around the world. 
The safari tour might only open in some certain months so be sure to contact them by phone or visit their website for hours. 

For the safari tour, tour guides will be with you for the entire tour giving you an expert information about the animals' species and their habitats.
The Safari Tours are the main attraction at the park because you get the chance to get up close with the animals, as well as you can feed them and pet them too! ;).

There is also a petting zoo that is always a favorite among the children where they can pet African pygmy goats and llamas, and many more. If you have kids under 8 years old., be sure they are strictly accompanied and guided upon closely.

Snacks are available at the park, so you don't need to worry about getting hungry. Picnics are also allowed in the park and you can bring your own food. But there will be a minimal fee for the picnic tables at the park.

Be sure to wash your hands and your kids' hands well before eating, particularly if you have kids touching the animals.

Have fun!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pride of the Susquehanna Riverboat Cruise

I did enjoy a lazy ride on the Susquehanna river in this authentic paddle wheeler riverboat. It was a relaxing journey while at the same time enjoying a unique vantage point of wonderful architectures, the Capital Complex and fine views of beautiful City Island, including the historic mansions on Front Street.

It was also a good thing to know some basic facts about The Pride of Susquehanna paddle wheel riverboat...that The Pride is one of the seven remaining "authentic" paddle wheel riverboat in the U.S. It has no propellers or other forms of propulsion or steering except paddle wheels!

The cruise starts from the City island Docks, which is just down from the Metro Bank Park on the Susquehanna River, facing the Harrisburg Skyline in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Alfred's Victorian Mansion

I got the chance to experience what many would call as a fine dining experience in a quaint setting of a gorgeous mansion in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

This victorian mansion is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. It is a Victorian brown-stone mansion. Brownstones were restored on the mansion using natural hydraulic lime and lithomax, in repairing damaged or missing brick, stones and mortars 100 years after its original construction.

Inside Alfred's Victorian Mansion is a restaurant built in 1888, and decorated with carved wood antiques and gingerbread accents. It's decorated with heavy drapes,-Victorian style and with bulky pieces of furniture, - one symbol of a Victorian accessory accents. Sorry, wasn't able to get photos inside :(.

Our food for lunch was okay. I had a butternut chicken, but I didn't like the butternut glaze toppings on it :(. But the chicken was good. I finished my chicken except for the toppings, lol! Our meal was also served with green salad and dessert,

Monday, November 24, 2014

Deep Cleaning Shavers For Men

My husband never leaves a grocery or a convenient store without checking the razors section. Sometimes, he would be buying another pack (disposable) good for couple weeks. I understand because he maintains a beard and he is particular about it. I am glad he maintains a good hygiene with that ;). 

 But I am glad I discovered about these razors that I saw online. I know it has a price difference with those disposable ones, but they are reasonable enough, quality wise. I actually trust my husband's judgement when it comes to shopping for his own personal items and price is not a big deal for him as long as the item he's buying is quite worth it. He is particular for good quality and endurance. So, I am quite sure, this link would be worth recommending for him.

Oh, and Black Friday is fast approaching!  ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad

Me about to board...;)

Those who enjoy scenic train rides, - you can still find train ride that offers one in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

The Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad, the original M&H Railroad Company (The Milk & Honey Line) offers train rides that uses vintage trains as early as in the 1920 passenger coaches.

All regular scheduled train rides leave from the Middletown Station only where you can enjoy a 10-mile of more than an hour round trip ride on the 1891 "Milk & Honey Line." You can enjoy a wonderful ride through the scenic Sawatara Creek Valley with live narration from your conductor about the historic locations along the way, including Union Canal Lock 33.

Special event rides are also available which are only by reservation.

They have Easter Bunny Express; "Sundae" Caboose Rides (family rides); Mixed Freight Ride with Photo Runby (new); Grandparents Day Ride (new); Murder Mystery Dinner Trains (this is 2.5 hours long); 14th Annual "Civil War Remembered" Re enactment; Pumpkin Patch Train Rides; Santa's Surprise Trains & Polar Bear Express.

Each of the special event rides has its own scheduled rides. You can further check them on their website as well or cal them.
Contact them by phone at 717-944-4435 ext. 1 or visit them online at mhrailroad dot com ;).

Experience wise, this was a fun experience on my part together with a special excursion tour group. It was also a relaxing ride while listening to the historic narration.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hot Guitar Deals For Newbies

When it comes to guitars, there are a lot to choose from for those who are guitar player beginners. Being a newbie, there are things you need to consider in choosing an ideal guitar depending on your interest. Are you more interested in acoustic? or you prefer to rock it out with the electric 6-string?

Whatever that best interests you, it would be a good idea to take a quick look at musician friends, and try to discover the tips of choosing a good guitar depending on your type of music you want to portray. Of course, all these junior guitars are the best in their own purpose, plus they are really good deals! Time to start shopping while holidays are fast approaching. This is the best season to grab the hot deals and discounts the stores are offering. Happy early holidays! ;)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

"Moses" @ Sight & Sound's Millenium Theater

Me at the lobby of Millennium Theater showing "Moses"

This is one way of making you spiritually enriched, being a Christian.
We all know the story about Moses in the Old Testament. He was more than just a Biblical icon. He was an ordinary man who had his flaws and weaknesses, struggles ad was much like an ordinary person like us who tried to find his personal identity with God.

The show "Moses" is one of the Bible's most epic sagas that comes to life through this all new adventurous presentation by the Sight & Sound. In the show, you can journey back in time as you'll witness the moment God first speaks to Moses at the burning bush, and also experience God's awe-inspiring power as you sit in the midst of the parted Red Sea!
You can also feel the celebration of the Israelites as they brush past you on their path to freedom ;).

Don't miss watching this action-packed story as you discover God's unique plan for the first time on the Sight & Sound stage.
The show comes in 2 Acts, in which Act 1 has 8 scenes, while Act 2 has 9 scenes.

The life of Moses is truly an epic. Visual and sound effects of each scenes are made through computer-based 3D modeling, then these produced equipments out of the 3D models were constructed, - painted, welded and handcrafted in details.
Owe it all to the Sight & Sound staff.
The theater has been ding a great step on their mission on moving people's hearts, mind and spirit by bringing the Bible to life on stage through the power of story.

Kudos to all of Sight & Sound's blend of creative talents who continue to have passion to share the love of Christ.
It's God's way of letting you use your spiritual gifts through the Holy Sprit.
Thank you for continuing to spread the Good News & God's promises.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

St. Maarten Island Tour

I would definitely agree that St. Maarten is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Did you know that this island was mostly popular for salt? It was because during the 17th century when the Dutch settlers were still living in this island, they started to harvest salt from the Great Salt Pond where they export it back to Europe.
It was also during that time that the natives called the island "Land of Salt" or "Soualiga".
It's probably one of the reasons why they called the island "Land of Salt" because the Europeans started craving for salt, where they would rely on the place for getting salt, - a must have ingredient of food until today.

As you explore Philipsburg, the charming capital of St. Maarten, you'll be seeing the Dutch influences back to the colonial days, as you walk through the narrow roads with pastel-colored houses which are still intact. These houses still reflects the colonial architectural designs with 2nd storey verandas and flower-filled courtyards.

The St. Maarten Island Tour is one way of further exploring the area in order to visit the two-sides of the island; - the Dutch and the French sides.
You will also get the chance to explore more at Marigot, - the French capital, and Philipsburg, the Dutch capital. This is a great overview to see the uniqueness of these two islands!

This narrated, scenic tour ride will bring you to view the Great Salt Pond, and as you continue, you will see spectacular views of the Orient Beach and its neighboring islands. You will see more charming towns of Orleans as well as while you continue going your way, passing the lovely town of Grand Case going to Marigot (French side).

Once you reach Marigot, you will be allowed to explore both the outdoor markets and boutiques in the area. The outdoor markets are all around the Port of Marigot, and some boutiques across the street. You have 45 minutes of shopping. (not even enough time if you're a shopaholic! ;)).

On your way back to Philipsburg, you will see the monument that serves as a boundary separating the French and the Dutch sides of the island, then you will then have a 10-minute photo opportunity at the scenic International Look Out Point.

At the end of the tour, you'll have the option to stay a while at Philipsburg for more exploring and shopping, or return back to your ship right directly.

Just a note: - shops at Marigot are mostly closed during Sundays and holidays, so you might want to consider some other days for shopping other than those days.

FACT: St. Maarten/St. Martin is the world's smallest landmass governed by 2 nations - Netherlands & France!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My St. Thomas Island Tour Experience

St. Thomas is a tropical paradise surrounded by fascinating landmarks, breathtaking seascapes, vistas and panoramic views. Best of all, you get to enjoy duty-free shopping! ;).

Planning a St. Thomas Island Tour can have different itineraries depending whether you're currently on a cruise or staying at the island for a vacation.

I will be sharing my experience as a cruiser via Royal Caribbean. :)

Boarding on an open-air vehicle, it took us up through the hills going to Beacon point. It has breathtaking scenic views of the neighboring islands straight from the viewing deck. There's also a gift shop for island souvenirs or a place for buying snacks as well.

Then, the tour continued further to the Skyline Drive Overlook that offers yet another scenic views of the harbor and islands. You can even see the world's most famous view of cruise ships, yachts, sea planes, etc. This is one of the best spot to get those panoramic style shots, so take a lot of photos!

Then, you'll visit the historical landmark of Sir Francis Drake seat, still with the same pretty panoramic views. Be sure to snap a photo of "Drake's Seat" as well. (Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get one, since the scenic views were so overwhelming that I got tons of them! lol.)
The Drake Seat was where Francis Drake used to sit as his look out point to keep watch over his fleet and his enemy ships. 

Further up the mountain is the world's famous Mountain Top, where the original famous banana daiquiris are being made. Here, you can enjoy more of the scenic views, including the Magen's Bay, with many other pristine beaches. 
The awesome view of the British V.I. and the Atlantic Ocean can also be clearly seen from this point, including St. John. This viewing scene is on the north east side of the island.

The ending part of the tour will be the option of dropping by at downtown Charlotte Amalie for more shopping at Main Street, - where the main shopping district is. This shopping area has more than 400 store outlets where you can shop at your own leisure.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shady Maple Smorgasbord

Can you see me??? ;)

Shady Maple is not only a dining facility but also offers a high quality farm products as well as pies and specialty cakes made from scratch.

It has a huge gift shop downstairs so that even an hour of shopping wouldn't probably be enough, unless you don't have any plans of going around the whole shopping area.

Various items are sold from small items like jewelries and gift items to home wooden furniture, clothings, home decors and everything in between! ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Villa Gregoria Terrace Resort

Being first timers to visit Nagcarlan, Laguna, we were blessed enought to be helped by my brother and my future sis-in-law to reserve 2 rooms at Villa Gregoria Terrace Resort. We thought the resort would be a great place to stay and enjoy its scenic views and amenities 3 days before my brother's wedding.

Views overlooking from our room.

The resort is located at Brgy. Buboy, Nagcarlan, Laguna, at least couple minutes away from the town of Nagcarlan via tricycle. They say that this resort is strategically built right down the base of Mt. Banahaw, - a mountain which produces cold spring waters. This is why Villa Gregoria is considered to be a cold spring resort, where its waters comes throughout the resort's swimming pools. The cleanlinees of the resort is very noticeable. Being a multi-awardee since 2006 and 2007, you wouldn't wonder why due to the fact that they have maintained their good reputation as one of the best resorts in Laguna.

Rooms are fully furnished and are mostly affordable. Aside from the swimming pools, you'll definitely enjoy the pool table (billiard) as well. Additional facilities are the function hall, KTV, and the pavilion.

You can get the real R & R with the resort's scenic views as well, surrounded by greeneries that comes with relaxing and refreshing breeze. Ahh. - you'll be smelling the scent of nature!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Interesting Historical Facts of St. Bartholomew Parish Church

Courtesy of Laguna Travel Guide

This church is so far one of the oldest churches ever made as early as in the 15th century. It's full of interesting historical facts that even made some people believed that a certain legend exists about a hidden tunnel that is still remain undiscovered inside the church, which is connected to the underground cemetery.

Rev. Tomas Miranda, then a resident priest of the church built the church with light materials in 1583. It was called "Nagcarlan Church" by then. It was then upgraded in construction with bricks and stones in 1752, but was unfortunately destroyed by fire in 1781, and was then reconstructed in 1845 with the addition of a choir loft, added by Rev. Vicente Velloc - who also constructed the Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan.

Interestingly, St. Bartholomew Parish Church is just across the town's municipal hall and the public market, while the Underground Cemetery is also close to the municipal hall and used to be a place for the church's funeral mass in 18th century. The Underground Cemetery is considered to be the only underground cemetery built in the Philippines.

St. Bartholomew Parish Church's architectural design is quite unique with its Baroque style design. The entrance has a facade designed with a semi-circular arch flanked with semi-circular windows as well, enhanced with tall pedestals that lift the columns on the second level, with various numbers and lengths. The church is built with 4-storey brick bell tower with a Muslim-inspired crenelations bell. This brick tower was also credited with its construction to Fr. Fernando dela Puebla.

As the years go by, many various lighting improvements and more renovations were done which is now seen as somehow modernized these days.

St, Bartholomew Church is genuinely a historical landmark, - it's worth visiting!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Orlean's French Quarter Tours

You might probably be wondering and ask, -what's in French Quarter? Why do many tourists love to visit the place? So, you'll get curious, right? The best answer would be to go there, visit and see it for yourself ;).

French Quarter is also known as "Vieux Carre" - the largest district with a predominant 19th century best-preserved architecture that can be found within an American city. Its architectural styles are a mix of French, Creole, Spanish and American styles.
These eye-catching walled courtyards, cast iron balconies, lacy galleries with stoops and porches on some buildings are what makes French Quarter uniquely creates its popular trademark for many visitors.

You can find that in every corner bend, you can also enjoy some eclectic shopping destinations, restaurants and historical museums.

Did you know that French Quarter is so far the oldest neighborhood in the city? It was first established by the French in 1718, and soon developed its history of international cultural contributions from the Spanish, Italians, French, Irish, Africans, Sicilians, and more, which now reflects the development of this global port settlement.

The French Quarter is full of history. You'll learn a lot of it with the help of a professional tour guide. You will learn about the quarter's unique strategic location down to its architecture styles to restaurants, music, food and shopping.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Provide Your Home With A Backyard Playground!

If you have little tots at home and your place is far from a park, why not consider getting a playground for them at the comfort of your own backyard? For those who are residing in Richmond, VA, here is one great place online to shop for wooden swing sets in richmond if you are looking for one.

If you need more playsets, you can have some various choices as well. They can also install them for you.

This would also be ideal for schools, churches or some other institutions that need one for kids. With some various designs they have at hand, you can be able to choose ones that fit your needs. Keep checking the playset designs and they are as fabulous as can be ;).

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Visit To Read House & Gardens

The Read House is a 22-room mansion which was considered to be the largest house in Delaware when it was built in 1801, designed for George Read II, - a son of one of the Delaware's signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
The house exhibits the height of federal grandeur with combined advanced technological systems for comfort and refinement. It has 14,000 sq. ft. with architectural style, yet has a monumental simplicity. 

The Read House & Gardens is also fronting the New Castle riverfront which creates an amazing view of the Delaware river.

For the tour, you'll be visiting first and 2nd floors, including the basement and the garden areas outside. Inside the mansion has pretty wall borders and has intricately hand-shaved woodwork mouldings as well.
There are many things to see inside the mansion, including the exterior, - the gardens. See them yourselves and be amazed! ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Touring The New Castle Court House Museum

Me inside the court house museum.

Being one of the oldest surviving courthouses in the US, this courthouse was also Delaware's first capital building and meeting place for the colonial and first state Assembly. There has been several modifications and additions throughout the 18th & 19th centuries, by which in 1732, the original courthouse was built over the remains of the 1660's courthouse. It served as the state house of Delaware in 1776-1777.

The New Castle Court House Museum can be seen at the heart of historic New Castle neighborhood with address at 211 Delaware St., New Castle, Delaware 1720. 
Group tours are recommended to ask for reservations in advance. Various groups range from student grades to adults and older people.
The tour gives information and lets its visitors learn about Delaware's colonial and state history including their early system of law and government.

It also highlights Delaware's social, cultural, archaeological and underground railroad history.
At the second floor of the museum displays periodical portraits of people that had important role in the museum, artifacts, furniture and some decorative arts.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Lazy Ride at Wilmington & Western Railroad!

Do you love taking steam-diesel-powered scenic train tours? I got the chance to experience a ride and it was one-of-a-kind experience.
Me during the stop over! ;)

Trains operate every weekends throughout the season, rain or shine. They also offer special themed rides at times throughout the year.
On the tour, you'll get to board Delaware's oldest steam tourist railroad for a scenic ride through the Red Clay Valley of Wilmington. It's best to do it at the peak of fall season.
You will step back in time as you travel the same route that was laid out in the early 1870's when the train was used as freight transportation.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lunch At Jessop's Tavern

Having a sumptuos lunch in a historical neighborhood in New Castle, Delaware is such an experience worth keeping! If you want to take a step back in time as you enjoy delicious meal in the tavern, this place is ideal. It harbors and English style atmosphere that includes antique furniture and colonial fare. The tavern was built as early as in the 16th century (1674).

Here, you can see your meal served mostly in a traditional American way served on pewter dishes in a cozy setting, and a short distance walk from the Delaware river is a plus! ;)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Underground Cemetery & The Legend of the Hidden Tunnel

Courtesy of Laguna Travel Guide
Courtesy of

Underground Cemetery was actually built as an exclusive burial ground for missionaries and Spanish friars as early as 18th century. It is commonly considered as the only one of its kind because it is the only underground cemetery that exists in the Philippines.
It was built and designed for funeral mass purposes by a Franciscan priest - Fr. Vicente Velloc in 1845 to be exact, - that leads to an underground graveyard construction which is 15 feet below the church.

If you're actually on the place, the first thing you see is a church entrance and as you go beyond the entrance, you will see a burial site, just like a typical cemetery with tombs piled up in storeys. so, basically, it's a church that has an underground graveyard of 15 feet, - which led to becoming known as a cemetery where more privileged missionaries that came from elite Catholic families were buried.

Other historical facts about the Underground Cemetery was that it was also used as a place for secret meetings and sanctuary by Filipino revolutionary leaders and members during the war.

The first tomb was dated 1886. The cemetery is now more than 160 years old. There are only few tombs buried in the underground crypt, so don't expect too much to see under there.
The church is no longer used and masses are no longer held there anymore, except on some special occasions such as Holy Week.

On the other hand, the legend about the existence of a hidden tunnel at the Underground Cemetery still actively exists today among the residents of Nagcarlan regarding their beliefs about the hidden tunnel that is connected to the church altar. They further believe that this tunnel ends its way up to Mt. Banahaw, - considered to be a holy mountain.

But nothing has ever proven about the hearsays and rumors until today.

Entrance going to Underground Cemetery is free. But they have donation box placed at the entrance. You can take photos inside and underground but no flash photos allowed!

Monday, June 16, 2014

A French Quarter Self-Guided Walking Tour (New Orleans)

If you get a chance to spend some time visiting New Orleans, one of the most commonly visited attractions is the French Quarter. The most recommended way to visit this area is by walking, as you can control your own time at your own pace. Besides, it is also much more practical to do rather than driving. Expect your tour to last for at least 3 hours or more, particularly if you spend a lot of times stopping to either take photos or visiting shops ;).
But you can even make it an hour or so since you get the chance to skip some sites you don't feel like seeing. If you are not familiar on where to start, it's highly recommended to get a self-guided walking map by visiting and print it online, or you can get them available at any gift shops or stores somewhere within the area.
Otherwise, there are still a lot of options to choose if you want to learn more about landmarks you're mostly interested at, by the help of a tour guide.

There are a lot of things to see and do at the French Quarter, and at least more than 30 historical landmarks that are highly recommended to see and learn about. If you don't want to miss a thing, taking a professional history tour with a knowledgeable tour guide is recommended as well.

It was a fun experience for me to do the French Quarter self-guided walking tour. I spent an hour and a half because I took short cuts ;). Besides, it feels more convenient and with no pressure and hassles when you do it on your own leisure time.
Just a self-guided walking map was more than enough of help to do a leisure tour like this.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Atlanta Cruzers Electric Car Tour

Me and hubby after the tour.

If you happened to be visiting Atlanta for the first time, the electric car tour of Atlanta is worth recommending. This would be the best way to see most of the famous landmarks and attractions of Atlanta at a faster pace, particularly if you have limited time for a visit. 
The tour last for 90 minutes and journeys 15 miles throughout Atlanta area. You'll get the chance to see famous attractions like Fox Theatre, CNN, Centennial Olympic Park, and the historic Inman Park, and many more.
During summer, bring anything like water particularly if the temperature soars high during mid day. Some warm jackets also help when you are scheduled for a tour during cooler season. Remember, this is an hour, 30 minutes tour.

The electric car is said to be eco-friendly and can accommodate only 5 guests, with a total of 6 passengers including the driver (tour guide).
By the way, this tour is not only for tourists but for residents of Atlanta as well. It is actually recommended for Atlanta natives including its residents who are interested to further explore and discover those areas that are not yet familiar to them. It is a tour about how Atlanta got its early existence up to how it was being referred to as the Capital of the South.

If you are a history lover as well, you'll get to know more of its eclectic neighborhoods like Inman Park, the Old 4th Ward, the birthplace and home of Dr. Martin Luther King including Atlanta's historical culture and restaurants.
Advanced booking (at least 24 hours) is required. You can either call ahead or order your e-tickets online.

If you're checked in at a hotel in downtown Atlanta, they can pick-up/drop you off before and after the tour.

All other information are reflected on their website. (atlcruzersdotcom)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Disney's MGM Studios - (Now, Hollywood Studios)

Disney's MGM Studios displayed its last name in December 2007, then finally closed its doors in January 2008. The good thing is that avid customers didn't need to worry about, because it was re-opened the next day with anew name; - Disney's Hollywood Studios!
The new name also came with the idea of providing interactive exhibits from the mega-hit movie "High School Musical" and its sequels, the popular animated movie stories from Pixar Entertainment & Disney's "Toy Story"; "The Chronicles of Narnia's" big screen version, and the TV blockbuster reality show "American Idol".

Today, Disney's Hollywood Studios is one of the most visited theme park in the US, with almost 10 million visitors every year. It is here where you get to experience the thrills, action and glamour of today's entertainment industry in the fields of music, TV, movies and theater.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Disney's Animal Kingdom

This is the ideal theme park to visit if you want to experience the "wild" side of Disney! Whether be it a real or fantasy adventure, you'll all experience the fun while doing it.

If you love real adventure encounters with real animals, try safari and trail rides to get to them up close. The kids will enjoy more every activities they would choose; - from musicals to thrill rides and adventures.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Downtown Disney

If you want to enjoy a little shopping, dining and a little extra entertainment, aside from the theme park, you can take a stroll at Downtown Disney.
There are at least 70 shops (or more)...restaurants, some family fun favorites, all-in-one place here.

Did you know that dining at Downtown Disney is an attraction itself? Many of the greatest dining that serve authentic, tasty cuisines, from quick bites, casual to fabulous feasts - name it, and you can find one.

You can also find here an indoor entertainment such as the Disney Quest Indoor Interactive Theme Park that has 5 floors full of fun games, and the La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil, both ideal for kids and adults.

Go to Pleasure Island if you and your friends are thinking of having some party fun, - from live entertainment to hip hop and comedy shows.

If you think of Downtown Disney, it also means F-U-N! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Disney's Boardwalk

Disney's Boardwalk is just another charm where you can enjoy your walk along while at the same time enjoying the serenity of the water's edge, the unique shops and the restaurants. The boardwalk extends as far as a quarter mile, and also is a short distance away from Epcot. You can board on to a boat for a ride going to Disney's Hollywood Studios as well.

If you want a little recreation, you can enjoy a Surrey bike equipped with a fringe top or bicycles that are for rent. Surrey bikes are available in 2's, 4's or 6 persons. So, you choose!
You have various ways of doing your exploration, - the Disney way. So, enjoy! ;)

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Living Bible Museum

If you happened to be in Mansfield, Ohio you might want to try visiting this museum where you can see the Holy Bible in life form through their famous tour called "Bible Walk." They would call it; - The Holy Bible that comes to life by touring through a wax museum of Bible characters featuring life-sized dioramas about the popular characters' stories based from the Bible.

It will also be your guide in understanding the basic truth about God's Word. Won't you be glad walking through the Word by walking with your faith as well?

The tours focus on the life of Christ and the miracles of the Old Testament, a tour on the Museum of Christian Martyrs and Heart of the Reformation.

As you will start the tour, you will be walking on hallways and viewing life-like scenes in both sides of the hallway, and these scenes are equipped with a push button for the narration. Musical and sound effects come with the narration.

There are 70 scenes total, and more than 300 wax statues in the museum.

The Living Bible Museum is considered to be Ohio's only life-sized wax museum. Take note that this is a non-denominational. Everybody is invited and enjoy the tours!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The National WW1 Museum at Liberty Memorial

With this museum's fancy state-of-the-art and interactive technology design, you shouldn't miss visiting it when you're in Kansas City, Missouri.
This is mostly ideal for those who are history lovers as well as a good school of learning for students alike.

As you begin with your tour, you will be starting your walk at the Glass Bridge and seeing the Portrait Wall first. This will be your first stop.

  1. Portrait Wall - it is here where you can entirely see from an interactive portrait gallery of all the people who were participants in the WW1.
  2. The Paul Sunderland Bridge - shows colorful field of poppies, which represent 1,000 combatant deaths during WW1.
  3. The William Thornton Kemper Theater - you shouldn't miss this 12-minute film that would give you insight about the world events that caused the war.
Years dated 1914-1917:
  1. Grand Illusions - you can learn interesting information about how the world was like before the war from this prologue gallery.
  2. The Chronology of the War - a monthly diary of events before the US joined the war.
  3. Galleries - you can see these various objects used from the war.
  4. Trench - this is an interactive area where you can see and listen to the soldiers who lived and fought during WW1.
  5. Air War & War At Sea Galleries - advance your knowledge and learn how the air combat forces discovered rapid technological advances during the WW1 and how the war at sea played out.
  6. Interactive Tables - you can listen to music, poetry and historic voices through audio alcoves and experience a learning about WW1 in a modern way.
  7. Horizon Theater - this is where a 15-minute program is shown showing America on the threshold of war and what led to the decision to enter the war.
There are 6 more galleries and areas to explore dating from 1917-1919. You can either choose to visit them or not...your choice!
If you prefer exploring the highlights of the museum, and rather skip the step-by-step tour, you can do so as well. 
Here are some worth considering:
  • The Memory & Exhibit Halls which are situated at the Liberty Memorial Deck. These are all exhibits that contain more of the museum's world-class collections.
  • The Tower - this is also located on the Liberty Memorial Deck. You can access it by using the outdoor steps going up or take the elevator to level G. This tower was built in 1926 at 217 ft.
At the tower...
  • The 2 Sphinxes - you can see them as two gigantic stones adorning the Liberty Memorial Deck. The one facing the east with wings covering its face (which means covering it from the horrors of European battlefields) is called "Memory". The other one facing the west is called "Future" with its wings shrouding its face symbolizing the future which is yet unseen.
  • The Dedication Wall - a stone wall that holds bronze busts of the 5 Allied leaders who were present during the site dedication held on Nov. 1, 1921. It's located close to Pershing Rd. at the northern edge of the complex.
  • The Great Frieze - designed by Edmond Amateis, and is one of the largest carvings in the world at 148' in length and by 18' tall. You can see this view from the north lawn. This sculpture depicts progress from war to peace.
  • Research Center - this is where you can see more of the WW1 historical collections. You can access the library holdings at the Public Research room with free admission. Use the elevator at the west to level B.
  • Museum Store - the place to shop, - books, clothings, souvenirs and other unique items.
  • J.C. Nichols Auditorium - don't miss seeing this state-of-the-art auditorium that can accommodate 230 people. They use this place for lectures, films and other special events.
Enjoy your visit ;).

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Short Visit To The Baha'i Temple

So, seven years ago, I still remember when I was in Illinois, visiting my cousins, and they took me and my husband for a quick visit to Baha'i Temple in Wilmette. It was just a "spur of the moment" decision after an early dinner with my cousins to do our walks since the restaurant was a walking distance to the place.

I don't know a lot about this building except that it is considered a house of worship, so I heard. We visited the area around 7PM so we were not able to take a good look of the entire structure of the building outside. I was able to take a photo of one of its pillars which is full of pretty intricate designs.

Infront of the structure is a fountain and a garden.

There is not much of a structural designs inside except for some designs made by intersecting lines. I was hesitant to take a photo inside as I wasn't sure if it's allowed or not. I rather chose not, to show some respect. It was so quiet inside that even a single camera click would create an annoying noise for anybody to hear! Who knows who was in there? :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Feels Like Home at Skycroft Conference Center

Trip Dates: June 28-30, 2013

Being a first timer to visit this place for a church family camp, I can say it was such an awesome place to experience feeling like we're home away from home! :)

Skycroft Conference Center has a breathtaking view located on a mountain top south of Frederick county, Maryland. It extends as far as 300 acres and is operated by the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware which was opened in 1977. It can accommodate more than 300 guests overnight year round, equipped with various lodging/room accommodations depending on your preferences.
You can definitely enjoy the beauty of a scenic nature with various recreational facilities for both indoors and out. Dining options?...I agree it's an excellent place to have one. Good nutritious food, - in a buffet style banquets. It has 2 dining halls equipped with a seating capacity of more than 400 people.

Recreation centers such as the Nelson Center and The Barnes Reception Center give you endless choices of worthwhile activities.
Both indoor and outdoor activities are at The Nelson Center such as volleyball, basketball and racquetball courts located in a full gymnasium, a table tennis game room, plus huge outdoor spaces for softball, soccer, and football fields, an outdoor basketball court, tetherball, a Gaga court and campfire sites.

The Barnes Reception Center is an ideal place to visit the gift shop, and the Hebrews coffee cafe! This area also houses the guest registration area. Small shopping area is located in this area as well if you're thinking of buying gifts like books or clothings.

For team building recreational facilities, an indoor rock climbing wall, and a water slide are provided for an extra cost. There are high ropes course and confidence course as well.
The surrounding neighborhood of Skycroft is uniquely perfect to check like historic sites which reflects significant parts about the battle of South Mountain in 1862; - which can be within an hour drive from the place, some hiking trails, outlets, antique malls, river trips and even snow skiing (for the season).

Conference rooms are available in almost most of the areas of Skycroft.
If you are planning for a church retreat, or any related church activities check their website at

Friday, January 31, 2014

York Co. Factory Tours

Trip Date: June 20, 2013

I usually share my trips in details about the places I and/or my husband visit mostly when we sign up for tours. But since this trip is a series of tours, I thought of just sharing the entire trip in a brief but concise manner.
We had 6 tour itinerary for this trip which means 6 places of visits.
This tour was also offered by the Rill's Bus Company in celebration of the "2013 Made in America Tours Event" in York County, PA, - which is considered the "Factory Tour Capital" of the world.

First stop:

  • The Harley Davidson Motor Company in York, PA. - for those who are certified Harley Davidson motorcycle lovers (and even members), I'm sure you would love this. The only thing I am not sure at this time is; - if Rill's Bus Tour will still offer this tour again in the near future. And if they do, you shouldn't miss it :). As you enter the facility, you will be fronting the customer service desk on a lobby, and on your right side would be the Vaughn L. Beals Tour Center where motorbike exhibits of various models and styles are being displayed. You can have your chance to sit on those bikes as well for photo ops ;); In there, you can explore more exhibits that detail the plant's history on through the manufacturing and assembly processes. This is also a good time to spend your time while waiting for the factory tour, as the tours are done by batch.

Tours inside the factory are free and are scheduled at regular intervals from 9AM-2PM Mondays to Fridays. It is a first-come-fist-served basis so going in early is highly recommended.
By the way, before our tour, we were given a free commemorative pin too. Cool! ;)

Before the tour, our group was taken in to sit inside a mini theater and watched a short movie clip, - an introductory video about the humble beginnings of the company, the history and the most recent updates of the company nowadays.
Then, we walked to the next room where we were given safety glasses and an audio before we were allowed to proceed inside the factory floor. A closed-toe, low-heeled shoes are also recommended.
Note: We were requested to leave our cameras since they are not permitted in the factory floor.
It was noisy inside, the reason why they gave us an audio. Its purpose was to hear the tour guide while touring inside. We had a noise-cancelling headphones attached to our audio, so that when the guide talks, we could hear him loud and clear. It was an interesting tour!

Second stop:
  • Bube's Brewery - (pronounced as Boo-bees) is a 19th century brewery complex located in Mt. Joy, PA. It is still in its original condition with a modern brewery onsite. Tours include information about beer-making done 100 years ago and to this modern day. Visitors will also get the chance to visit way down the underground lagering cellars called - the catacombs! Bube's Brewery is the only intact Pre-Prohibition brewery complex left in the United States.

Third Stop:
  • George's Woodcrafts (Marietta, PA) - is a furniture factory ad a store that has been known for their high quality solid wood furniture for 4 decades now. Visitors can tour the wood shop and witness how furniture are being made from scratch, manually. Here, you can as well experience seeing the strength and beauty of artisan furniture made from the finest hardwoods.

Fourth Stop:
  • Sunrise Soap Company (York, PA) - this soap company is worth visiting. It has been becoming famous as a tourist spot for many visitors as they make everything on-site on their visitor-friendly kitchen, such as soaps, lotions, body scrubs, lip balms, bath fizzies, etc..which are made of harsh-free chemicals. You can smell various fragrances inside too! It's a fun tour to experience as you watch a demonstration on how soap is being made, learn more about the high quality oils being used, making it a skin-healthy alternative for sensitive skin. There are a lot of various products already displayed in the store which are available for purchase.

Fifth Stop:

  • New Grounds Coffee Roasting Company (York, PA) - fun tour for coffee lovers!! Visitors can watch a demo on how amazing fresh coffee beans are being roasted, then get the chance to enjoy sampling fresh coffee blends in various flavors.
Last/Final Stop:
  • Brown's Farm Market (Loganville, PA) - this is a nice place to visit for fresh produce, as well as a great place to grab a bite/snacks in the cafe. They have various choices of baked goods, deli, pantry items, gift baskets and more.