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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Discover Atlantis Tour

This narrated guided tour is one of the highlights of our Nassau experience in the Bahamas. It is one great opportunity to explore the famous Atlantis Resort.
This tour only includes visits to The Dig, Predator Lagoon, the Atlantis Casino and the Royal Towers architecture.
Take note that there are a lot to visit at the Atlantic and one of those is the huge Aquaventure Water Park. Depending on what tour you prefer doing, you are free to choose excursions that include your site of preferences.
Since most visitors are cruisers, the only downside at times is the time, particularly if the ship docks for only a few hours. So you sometimes have to choose shore or land excursions that are within your time limits.
The "Discover Atlantis Tour" is 2 hours and 30 minutes the most, but can be finished earlier.
It starts with a short transfer (a mini bus) from the ship to the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island. We started at the Atlantis casino showcasing dazzling decors of the glass masterworks of Dale Chihuly. Other amazing architectures were shown as well such as those magnificent murals encircling the colossal lobby dome.

The Ruins Lagoon came next. This is a place where the lagoon was recreated, - the sunken streets of mythical Atlantis. Then, came our exploration on the ruins of ancient Atlantis at "The Dig", - a replica of an archaeological excavation site.
The Dig reflects the lost city of Atlantis wherein you will be led to view some mythical artifacts into ancient passageways, hieroglyphics, Atlantean inventions and view the stunning main life in the ocean's depths at the Predator Lagoon. You will view barracudas, sharks and many marine creatures on giant-sized aquariums.

As you go explore The Dig, - it will be your witnessing experience to see an 11,000 year-old lost continent. Here as well will be a home of the world's most exotic creatures such as the Zebra shark, bow mouth guitarfish, grunts, jacks and manta rays, which will be in the Ruins Lagoon.
Take note that these ruins are only replicas!
The Predator Lagoon is an acrylic tunnel that offers unique views of goliath grouper, smalltooth sawfish, blacknose shark, tarpon and Caribbean reef sharks.
After the tour and you still wish to hang and go around to explore more, you have to take note that going back to your ship on your own via taxi will be at your own expense.
If you wish to go back to the ship within the allowable time, there are buses available to take you back at certain given times. Your tour guide will give you time information for this.