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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The S.S. John W. Brown Living History Cruise Experience

John W. Brown ship at the background and me :)

John W. Brown is a World War II Liberty Ship and making its 25 years of living history, from 1988 to 2013. It was built as a general cargo ship in 1942.

Way back since its voyages during and after the war, it was restored to operating condition back in 1991 and was made as a memorial museum ship and as a living history cruise ship, dedicated to the men and women who built, sailed and defended the WWII Liberty fleet.
They call these hanging beds as tween decks.
The John W. Brown was launched on Sept. 7, 1942 at Bethlehem-Fairfield I Baltimore. The ship is now celebrating her 70 years of service (1942-2012) and celebrating 25 years of "Living History" (1988-2013). Although the public is encouraged to experience the Living History Cruise aboard the ship, this ship is NOT a cruise ship! It is not designed as a comfort luxury ship, but still preserved the way it was, where some construction can be of hazards and some areas can be steep or slippery.

As you go aboard for the cruise experience, you will learn more about John W. Brown, - you can choose to do the self-guided "Blue Line Tour" onboard (guides are provided), or you can just walk at your own pace and visit any area you want to see.

There is also a magazine publication that are given onboard, which tells about the ship's history, voyages, etc...
Be sure to read the safety information as well because not all areas are equipped with safety devices.

The cruise will proceed down the Patapsco River, towards the Chesapeake Bay, and back.
While on the way, guests can tour the ship, watch and enjoy the entertainment with classical music by Manhattan Dolls, Calliope, "Abbot & Costello", etc...

A lunch buffet is served on board as well.

The highlight of the cruise is the Air Show, so watch the skies!;) Some restored WWII vintage aircrafts will be flying over the ship during the cruise. There will also be what they call historical re-enactors that respond by manning the guns and defend the ship, just like a simulation of what the war was like before.